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Thread: ENFP or INFP

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evelina View Post
    @Starry Thank you, that's so nice!! The plan is definitely to stay, both for learning and because this is a lot of fun. I know right now I only post here in my own thread, I'm getting more and more comfortable around here.

    As for being an ESFJ, it is really not something I relate to. Maybe I have terrible self perception then. I really don't know...

    You seem very perceptive to me and I'm assuming everyone else you've interacted with on this site. This is an issue with the type descriptions imo and in all honesty... I wouldn't expect you to relate to the ESFJ description until someone composes one that does this type some serious justice for a change.

    I probably should have been more clear in saying that I shared my knowledge in this thread knowing it would be rejected.

    If you relate to the NFP descriptions best...go with ENFP.

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    @Starry It's not the type description only, I do understand that there can be some unfair stereotypes to any type. It's the functions and them not feeling natural to me.

    The reason I haven't gone with ENFP already is that I didn't want to kid myself to think I'm something I am not. I wanted to be sure of my type so that it could feel really right, because if I was sure in my type it would be easier to understand the rest. I don't know. But I'll keep reading about the types and functions until i figure it out. I think I'll know.

    Thank you for your time and thoughts!
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