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    Default INTJ, INFJ, or...

    I've taken several free online MBTI tests and have been typed as INTP and INTJ, however neither of these seemed to fit perfectly, so I delved deeper into cognitive functions. Online cognitive function tests typed me as INFJ, INTJ, and INTP on different occasions. I thought for a while that INFJ resonated most with my personality, however I have been doubting this conclusion due to the fact that I am, and have been for as long as I can remember, decidedly averse to any displays of emotion/touchy feely interactions/appeals for sympathy. I would much rather interact with people on a mental plane, and I find it extremely difficult to provide emotional support to close friends or family. Instead I tend to offer solutions such as "change your perception of this problem," or "you will get over it in a couple days" which doesn't seem to be a very effective form of consolation.
    This leads me to believe that INTJ might be a more accurate option. However, the problem with this one is that I am definitely not indifferent to social harmony/disruption. In fact, I am highly sensitive to the energy around me. Before I speak I know precisely how others will react, what will offend someone, or what might cause me to be perceived in a negative light -- which, to be honest, I am very much afraid of. This bent towards people-pleasing (at least on the outside, because on the inside I am cold and apathetic most of the time) is what initially led me to believe I was being strongly influenced by Fe.
    Could it be that I am a very emotionally distant INFJ with a strong dislike for intimacy and no capacity for providing sympathy? Or possibly an insecure INTJ with mild social anxiety? (I have mostly ruled out INTP as it is obvious to me I am a J-type). Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    I'm definitely not the "final word" in typing anybody, but you seem INTJ to me--some of what you are describing about knowing what to do/say in social situations and how it will be interpreted sounds kind of like Ni to me, and the type of advice you give sounds similar to the type that my NT sister gives. You'll definitely want more opinions than just mine though; I'm not sure how accurate I am at typing other people.

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    If Ni is your dominant function, I would see if you identify more with Te or Ti. INFJs are very capable of providing outward warmth while remaining internally cold. You could be an INFJ with underdeveloped Fe (especially if you spend a lot of time alone, or are in your early 20s or younger).

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