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    Post What NP type am I? (And a Tip on How to Find Your MBTI)

    I was often tested as ENTP or INFP, sometimes ENFP and INTP like once. I don't know which type I am, but I'll try to give as much details.
    I was more extroverted as a kid, used to be loud and talkative to almost anyone. I would repeat stuff and talk to strangers to the point where I get berated.
    I'm still loud around people sometimes, not just friends.
    Sometimes if I'm alone for a long time, I get bored and want to go out.
    I get excited around crowds of people.
    I initiate random people at times and can be very loud.
    I'm quite hyper and cheerful.
    I have short attention span so I didn't hear what the other person say.
    As a kid, I had quite a hard time making friends. I don't think I was shy at all though.
    I became more introverted when I was socially rejected due to subconsciously being socially improper.
    I get a bit uncomfortable around crowds and sometimes want to be alone.
    I get sometimes get so uncomfortable I can't initiate others.
    While being loud and cheerful, I'm quite private and reserved.
    I get very quiet sometimes becoming a loner and uncomfortable around strangers but depends though.
    Ne-don't know gut feelings and I look at possibilities which is how I'm sure I am an NP
    Si-reminiscing my past
    Te-dunno how I use this, maybe to cover up my Fi or when debating
    Ti-when I have my own logical thoughts without imposing on others
    Fe-Dunno, only use this occasionally
    Fi-I think I'm mostly aware of my feelings and values.
    Judging-I use this to organize and make desicions when necessary.
    Perceiving-I tend to be spontaneous and disorganized.
    Easier Way to Find MBTI: The thinking and feeling functions are JUDGING functions and the sensing and intuitive functions are PERCEIVING functions.
    Please let me know if this isn't enough details.

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    I think you're an extrovert. You say you became more introverted when socially rejected, but I don't think that's indicative of natural traits. That could be just fear, etc.
    As for getting uncomfortable in crowds and needing to be alone, I say you're still an extrovert. Every human being needs time alone; introverts just need it more frequently.
    For T and F, I personally don't have enough information here. (Though I'm also a typing amateur.) Maybe find a questionnaire somewhere and fill it out. That would provide more insight.

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    Yeah you sound more extroverted. From what you have written maybe ENFP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frosty6226 View Post
    Yeah you sound more extroverted. From what you have written maybe ENFP?
    I thought so too, but infp/entp are possible too even though I'm definitely more likely enfp. So what's the difference between them anyway like how their functions differ their behaviors?

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    From reading your post I'm getting the feeling that you are possibly INTP and that being general type person you are utilising all the normal parts of your larger type like wings instinct and other more complex stuff Tri-type and Tri-fix.

    I normally go to town and post every thing that pops into my head and give as big a picture as posable but I sense that you maybe new or not so new to the complexities of type so I have held back and recommend you think about INTP as a possibility and perhaps think about what instinct of the three you maybe predominately , self preservation/ Sexual/ Social.

    There is a good book called the wisdom of the enneagram that covers the basics towards a beeper and boarder understanding of type energy like Id ego super ego and the instincts. It could be helpful if you wish to move in that direction to understand your own type.

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