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    Default Which function am I using? :)

    Hi, thank you for your time! I am trying to figure out my dominant function. I do not do drugs but everyone at my high school thought I was on crack or some other hard drug because I would walk the halls completely spaced out with my eyes darting all over the place. It is strange because when I look around, I have to focus to actually look at objects, and my natural state is kinda spaced out and scanning the environment. If you asked me how I remember the past, I would say that I can see glimpses of what happened in photographic form. The pictures in my head are not very detailed except for things I focused on. It feels like there is a screen over my eyes even though I have perfect vision and almost everything reminds me of something else. I tend to get off topic and go on tangents plus I look all over the place when I talk to people and I tend to just do what I want when I want. I do follow social code but occasionally I will jump over stuff and climb stuff. I can't help it. Someone I know that is very knowledgable in mbti says that I am an ESFP. I disagree because my focus is not on the concrete and I hate small talk. I always try to jump into very deep conversations quickly and I get bored very quickly talking about events or surroundings. My passions are what I love talking about. What function is this? Also, a side question I have is what do the functions look like through facial expression? Thanks!

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    From what you have said I could take a stab at it and say INTP

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