I've been studying the mbti since the beggining of my senior year, but socionics is rather new to me. If someone would be kind enough to explain to me the difference between the socionics style of typology and the mbti style, then maybe I can determine my socionics type. I'll start off by giving a little information about myself:

I'm ENFP (scuai in big five), and I consider myself to be one of the more manly feelers (like tobias eaton off of divergent, ISFJ, but badass). I enjoy any activity that sparks my creativity or involves action or adventure. My the personality traits I consider highest in myself are creative, adventurous, headstrong, caring, rule breaking, and romance oriented. I first heard about socionics after I found out my mbti type and started doing research on it, but never out heavy emphasis on it because I thought it was just an unoriginal copy of mbti in which they switch around the functions. Now I think I'm interested in it because I realize that socionics is a completely different theory and I would like to see if it works for me more. I value freedom, reasonability, creativity, intelligence, and any physical or mental ability. I was also bullied in sixth grade and it completely changed my outlook on life and the way I see people that I go to school with. Because if my past, I am very suspicios towards those specific people and am always watching my back to make sure they don't do anything stupid, towards anyone else though, I am pretty easygoing and trusting unless I see something bad in them or they so something that makes me suspicios of them. I have a universal crush on pretty much every female, which makes me pretty open to what they have to say or what they want, yet very easily affected by their opinion of me. I often have trouble focusing on daily tasks, but I can be practical if I need to be. I enjoy studying typology, astronomy, and any type of fitness/martial art. I have always dreamed of being a celebrity of some sort or having the resources to frequently travel or move around. The thing I hate the most is when people are deprived their right to live their life abd make their own decisions because they are too young, a certain gender, or a certain race. My first instinct when defending myself is to fight, not flight. If someone threatens my values, I will argue with them or even scuffle with them rather than discuss it peacefully. Also I have a really hard time calmly explaining motives to authority figures, or just ignoring them. As much as I want to ignore them and let them continue to flap their useless lips, I can't keep myself from turning around and yelling cuss words at them, telling them to fuck off. I've always had extreme anger issues because I like to be the one in charge and not the one taking shit from people. And that's pretty much the most the most I can think of without getting asked something, so please feel free to ask questions and maybe elaborate the differences between mbti and socionics so I can use that information to support my arguments for or against your typing of me. Thanks.