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Thread: INFP / INFJ

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    Question INFP / INFJ

    I took a tons of MBTI tests. Sometimes I got an INFJ and sometines an INFP. I was studying cognitive functions and watching the way I think and behave and I was confused because sometimes I behaved and thought as an INFJ and sometings as an INFP. Whenever I was reading articles about INFJ cogn. functions and I thought "Yeah! That´s me!", immediately I started "And what if I only wish to be an INFJ so I persuade myself that this is me" I understand this thoughts because of my scrupulosity and some kind of OCD thoughts. In the end I end up flowing in this confusions and I am unable to figure it out. Therefore help.

    • I´m future-oriented. I think of every future version that might happen, then I create solution for every one of them and try to prepare for most likely future version from now.
    • I´m also past-oriented, because I´m able to remember situations for years and I tend to overthink some strong experiences.
    • I heard from a lot of people things like: "Wow! You noticed it, it´s so interesting. I´ve never noticed it before. Cool!"
    • I use abbreviations, drawings, signs anf arrow keys in my notes a lot.
    • I need meaning in everything and have very strong value system. I would never do anything against my values or without deeper meaning.
    • I hate when somebody only beat around the bush. I want to know the point. Anyway, as I watched myself I reaize that I also do it, so I try to make my prologues shorter. I also dislike explaining things twice.
    • I sometimes get stuck in speech, in big group (for ex. 20 people). My thoughts are too complicated, sometimes they are just not interested or not listening. Also when everyone is looking at me I become very uneasy. Anyway, this can happen because I tend to stutter. On the other hand, when with my closest friends I´m sometimes pretty extroverted.
    • before stressing occasion (for ex. an exam) I´m kind of childish. I sing (silently), behave funny in order to break stressing enviroment which my classmates create. But right before the exam my cheerful mood disappear and I stress a lot too.
    • I learned to draw and play guitar by myself and I´m pretty good in both.
    • I write a fiction. I keep a whole story in my head in form of snapshots and short situations.
    • music helps me a lot to think, imagine and relax
    • I´m easy distracted, moody and very sensitive. I tend to take things personally.
    • when I´m angry I keep it for myself and explode when I´m with my family and I can speak out.
    • I feel deep desire to help people and making them happy fills me.
    • I prefer spiritual and eternal things and happiness before material.
    • I love philosophy and teology.
    • my feelings and emotions are usualy readable from my face.

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    Based on the very limited info you gave that actually described the J/P preference scale, I'd say you are INFJ. I type based on
    Letter and not function, because when I type myself or anyone else based on function, I get confused as heck. Sometimes I feel like I can read the cognitive functions of any ExxP type and say, "huh, that's definitely me". I don't really think the functions describe people's behavior very well, and while some people may be very skilled at using functions to type people, I suck at it, so I just type based on temperment and letter. If you get confused as to what your type is, try not to think about the functions, functions actually end up confusing more people than helping, and besides, typing based on letter brings about the same outcome if you focus on temperments and combined uses of the letters.
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    I think focus vs. curiosity is the key for differentiating between these two types.

    An INFJ is going to be very specific. They know exactly what they want, and they work hard (often long periods of time) to get it. INFJs focus on single projects/goals without being distracted, and rarely think about anything else.

    INFPs prefer to explore and be curious. They have no clue what they want, and they enjoy the freedom allowed by this. INFPs like to meander through life without any schedule, trying a little bit of this and a little bit of that, simply following their impulses (or heart) wherever they lead.

    On an unimportant side note, I've noticed that INFxs have different ways of expressing themselves. INFPs seem to prefer emotional expression, as found in poetry, whereas INFJs seem to prefer symbolic/imagerical expression, as found in art.

    I hope this helps you decide.

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