After a lot of research I am sure that I have found the secret to determining your functions. Anyone who is confused about their type, use this key and see if you can figure it out. Also, people that already know their type can verify their type with this key. Enjoy!

Pe-prefer to seek new experiences
Pi- reluctant to seek new experiences, prefer to escape to the information in their mind.
Je-prefer to make decisions based on outside influences
Ji- prefer to make decisions based on their own thoughts or feelings, may be insensitive to outside rules or morals.

Fx-go by values, emotions, concerns, or morals
Tx- go by rules, logic, facts, or principles.
Sx- prefer to deal with details or sensory data. Realistic
Nx- prefer to deal with ideas, possibilities, and what ifs. Imagnative.

Perceiving functions
Se- Pe, Sx.
Si-Pi, Sx
Ni-Pi, Nx
Ne-Pe, Nx

Judging functions
Fe-Je, Fx
Fi-Ji, Fx
Te- Je, Tx
Ti- Ji, Tx

Each person should either be Je and Pi, or Pe and Ji.