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    Default type check

    No reason in particular.

    1 - what makes you angry?
    (Bad) hidden agendas, the empowered taking advantage of the weaker, intentional corruption of 'goodness', consumerism, invasion of my privacy, companies and organizations that have poor logistics.

    2 - what do you like/dislike most about people?
    Like: compassion, transparency, integrity, humor, loyalty, self-restraint, abstract thinking, foreign accents, the variation in human culture.

    Dislike: abusive, sadistic, disloyal, lack of compassion, poor impulse control, materialism, covertness, poor comprehension. people who write one line per text in what could've been a paragraph instead of a series. the ones who keep trying to make ariana grande happen everywhere.

    3 - do you like animals? why?
    I like that many species are in possession of a social and emotional capacity not too far from humans'. I don't like the taste or texture of their bodies.

    4 - what do you like most about the favorite people in your life?
    They make me happier. They can go from Chopin to IceJJFish, we can do "the meaning of life" as well as how good tempeh bacon is. They introduce me to new info and new perspectives. They help support me during lows. They're tolerant of my chattiness, indecisiveness, and occasional testing ("are you as loyal to me as I am to you?").

    5 - what do you like/dislike most about yourself?
    I sometimes dislike how cross-categorical my likes are. That makes it hard to stick to One over Many. That makes being myself look like I'm "not being myself." My self is often too varied to fit into a single category and so ironically I've always had to deal with "not x enough" social criticisms when my real 'problem' might be "too" [to be] enough. I prefer not to deal with groups too tightly cause I'm used to being an outlier.

    I like how well I can communicate to others, or reach them through communication.

    6 - do you care about being fashionable? why/why not?
    A little. People treat you better when you don't look as bummy.

    7 - do you prefer to fit in or stand out?
    Neither; stand apart or away. Not in the group but able to interface with it.

    8 - what activities do you enjoy?
    Reading, writing, research on things relevant to my interests, finding new / shopping [for new vegan or all natural products], road trips, being at any place where a lot of minds come together in discussion or exchange, going for walks and workouts because they relieve stress and make low moods easier to manage. Learning new languages and expanding my vocabulary.

    9 - what makes you feel secure?
    Having steadfast people I can trust and rely on, who I can talk to about anything. Understanding well how something works. Knowing enough about a certain subject not to be totally helpless. The right answer. Having some idea of what's going to happen in the future, broadly.

    10 - do you like being in a relationship? why/why not?
    Almost every dude I've been involved or heading towards involvement with irl has complained about distance / disinterest and something like hot start cold finish, but I feel like it's because I actually was disinterested after a while - e.g., I haven't been fortunate enough yet to meet a guy who clicks well and who I genuinely like. In my defense they're usually honestly not good matches. Common trap is for me to develop impossible crushes that I just wait out. Would probably love it with the right person.

    11 - what do you love and why? could be people, things, places, etc...
    Lights (think Tokyo and Vegas), water (ocean, lakes, rivers, fountains, pools, so on), nature, candles, music, art, history, theology, anthropology, really good metaphors, hubble telescope images, health science, texting, libraries, non-Roman scripts, quiet time, autumn, people not killing my vibe, some other things that are too personal and some other things that would make this list too long.

    12 - what do you spend the most time thinking about?
    I want to spend the rest of this year doing volunteer work, but beyond that I spend a lot of time thinking about finding a low-key low-paced job that I'd be comfortable with. I spend a lot of time thinking about the human condition and keeping my stress low.

    13 - how much have you changed over the years? who were you as a child?
    From outgoing and bubbly and all that to reserved and often afraid about peoples' motives (fear, not social anxiety, but the effect is still keeping them at arm's length). I basically don't want to repeat bad past experiences so I'm challenged and selective about who I fully trust. Past the defensiveness is probably the same me as a kid - but I've had to deal with [clinical] depressive episodes since age 12 and I come out of them a little more different sometimes.

    [I presently identify as a 6w7]

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    You show a great feeling preference, but the first question gave me a lot of Fi vibes, plus you said you like abstract thinking and you vary in interest frequently. I'm going to say INFP.
    "Don't let a damned soul stomp on you for your age, but instead show them that you can be just as good as them in both morals and judgment"- 1 Timothy 4:12 in my own words that I can relate to.

    Please vote on my johari window at
    I promise it will not take long.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Noon View Post
    No reason in particular.

    2 - what do you like/dislike most about people?
    Like: compassion, transparency, integrity, humor, loyalty, self-restraint, abstract thinking, foreign accents, the variation in human culture.
    Deep down I always knew there was something off about you liking me . I'm nothing more then a interesting voice to you........ FWIW I believe you to be a ISFJ 8w7 so/sx or as it is colloquially known the “tyrannical grandmother”.
    Just looking for a protector, God never reached out in time, There's love, that is a saviour, But that ain't no love of mine
    My Love it kills me slowly, Slowly I could die, And when she sleeps she hears the blues, Sees shades of black and white
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