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    Do not take the same test more than 10x though to get the desired result becuase it gets more and more inaccurate.

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    So I've been reading up on types from different sites. I'm seeing similarities to INTP, INFJ, and INFP...maybe ISFJ as well.

    I'm pretty confused. Something happened in my life that caused me to change. So I no longer know what is me versus what I'm trying to be. I'm 23, so a part of that is just maturing and growing up (imo).

    So far, it seems as though I'm INxx

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    xx=FP and may God strike me down were it to be otherwise!

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    Thanks for all your input. From this site, I'm 90% sure I'm INFJ

    INFJ or INFP? a closer look

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    Your desire to always be prepared sounds like INFP (versus ENFP). Our society values being prepared, which means that even NPs will value it, but ENxPs tend to ignore that at times and just do random stuff. Depending on their upbringing though, they could usually be good about being prepared (or even based on weather. While I'm not organized, I live in an area with really unpredictable weather. If I'm going to be outside a lot the whole day, I'm going to try to be prepared). Unless you live in Arizona, wanting to be prepared for the weather isn't odd, it's logical.

    Even though you have strong Ti, your desire to make others comfortable seem very Fi. Simply, Ne is playing with abstract stuff, mainly ideas.

    Okay, looking at your link... There is one issue. E and J are often over associated. Simply, any extraverted function will result in more authoritative speaking. So unless the INFP has virtually no Ne, they can easily direct and such. The reasoning behind it may be different, and perhaps certain mannerisms, but all people order other people to do some things. Even IPs can be very demanding, but it'll arise in different situations. I'd try to base it more off of function order, because that is what makes the P/J axis actually make sense. ^.^
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