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    Quote Originally Posted by seradane View Post
    Hence the "generally"!
    Hence the "expectations" :P
    Isn't it time for a colourful metaphor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xander View Post
    It's more likely that you're an ENTP as they are more mentally flexible and are more prone to variance in testing.

    The question is, do you define? If the answer is a high percentage for yes then perhaps you buck the trend and are an INTP.
    That's irrelevant. Introversion and Extroversion are a mental and physical preference for people or not.

    @Theuniquezebra, how 'bout this:
    1. Go hang out with alot of friends from 5-9 every day a week for a week. How do you feel after that?
    2. After that, go do something private without any social contact at all for a week. How do you feel?

    If 1. makes you feel energized and 2. makes you feel drained, you're an Extrovert.
    If 1. makes you feel drained and 2. makes you feel energized, you're an Introvert.
    If they are both draining, but not totally, then you're an Ambivert.
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