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    Default Hi again, maybe this time my mind is more clear

    What makes you angry?
    Two months into meditation practice have changed my life, i feel so much more compassionate, aware and self confident, ofcourse it fluactuates but im learning day by day to see things as they are. Thats why i doubt the mbti a little bit, because we humans are the same, im a living proof that meditation makes fears and anxieties just emotions, the awareness itself is you. So yeah what makes me angry nowadays, i try not to become angry, if it happens it could be anything. Something that i might percieve as a distrspect towArds myself. Otherwise when i see clearly, not much angers me. Ignorance perhaps. Mostly distespect towards my personal boundiries though.

    What do you dislike about people?
    I dislike when people sre not upfront, though i try to not dig deeper into what they might think, im intuitive so i have a predisposition towards that. But i cant controll other people only myself so i try not to read into it too much, i instead try to see peoples faults as perfect imperfections, we all do mistakes all the time. I like people, they energize me when im in the mood, othervise it csn be draining, but not because of the people but because of my inner anxiety. I like to be with people and i dont always have to talk, i oftentimes say random things and i have very easy for a smile, i have a hearty laughter and its uncontrolable, i find many things funny, as long as they give me some kind of positive emotional response. I often laugh at my own jokes too.
    Do you like animals? Why?
    Yes i like mamals alot! All of them. I find them really cute and strangely i feel like were all connected at times. I love the idea that animals just do their thing, without ego and stuff. They act on emotions and they are usually free spirits. They sre veery cute, i grt that awww feeling.
    What do you like most about the favourite people in your life?
    i like that i can relax around them we have known eachother for so long so there are no big suprises. I love that we can talk about anything. My intj friend has a grounding effect on me somehow. We have fun discudsions.
    What do you dislike about yourself?
    i dislike the fact that i can become very moody And absorbed in my emotions, feelings of despair and fear and anxiety can start an internal conflict in myself that leads to such self hatred and selfjudgment. Self compassion is my way. I also fislike the fact that im not always comfortable with myself, sometimes i feel so empty and i dont know how to act according to my inner voice.
    Do you care about being fashionable?
    Yes i find myself being a good looking male and i like to be attractive to people. So i try to look classy and casusl at the same time. But its not in any way a preoccupation. Its more of an internal desire because i like girls very much. I feelxthat im a sx-dom.
    What activities do you enjoy?
    hmm damn i dont know, playing soccer, being with friends, atmospheres, i love crowds they give me some kind of joy, i like so many stuff that im not even aware i like it, ill try to be more aware. But hmm, i dont know just regular stuff i guess.
    What makes you feel secure?
    It comes from inside, that with self compassion and being aware and stsying in the present moment. I want to be master of my mind.
    Do you like being in a relationship?
    never been in one, so i dont know. Ive had crushes and the feelings of attachment were just too much, i always end up in sorrow and despair( are they the same feeling?) i dont know what the underlying feeling is, maybe fear of some sort.usually is.
    What do you love and why?
    I love freedom, comfortable self expression, intimacy in a dislogue, when everything goes perfectly smooth between people you know harmony. I love when i connect with someone.
    What do you spend the most time thinking about?
    Its mostly sbout how i feel, how i csn make myself more actuslized, i slso enjoy listening to people, being amusing( i feel like i have an amazing sense of humor, unmatched in its best moments).Everything from wordplay, to metaphors and i like to talk about the person im with. I love to flirt. So it really depends my thinking is both internal and extrnal, when im aware and confident im mostly outgoing and when im cought in feelings i am more brooding and self critical, with no genuine sttention towards the outside world what so ever. Honestly im not so aware of my thoughts,i feel like its an enneagram 6 issue . These months i have been in slot of equanimity and self compassion, and naturslly i have been compassionate towards others aswell. I have thought of the universe, interconectedness humanity mankinds inner goodness etc.
    How much have you changed over the years?
    Hmm, tough question. I can say that since i started meditating this such as present emotions have changed to s much more positive direction. I feel like as soon as i know what to do changes come quickly. I work with determination ,patience(it is what it is), compassion, understanding and awareness.
    I used a this questionnaire from another member. What do you guys think?
    If i could guess myself, based on the facial expressions and everything you guys link in the forums i would say infp, enfp, or isfp. Im not as energetic as enfps seem to be but when im in the zone im exactly as an enfp. The facial expression thing is that i have that classoc ne eye wonders all over the place and it seems like im talking to the air, but i also have an very wide snd expressive smile which would indicate fe. Another thing i might mention is that im not formal in my speach at all. I mesn like i dont care what so ever, words just pop into my mind, when i have to read from a paper it always becomes weird, i have to explain things spontaniously and in the present moment when the moment is right... Difficult to explain but seems like ne to me. Csnt wait for your answers.

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    Heyy!! What happened? Cmon guys some input?

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    Hi Rajko,

    From your initial post my impression is that you are an ENFP. It's hard to get a lot of info about your preferences or functions from the post, it could be because of the way you've answered the questions or the questionnaire itself. That might explain why no one has replied. If you still want more input then I suggest trying another questionnaire.

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    Hmm i dont understand why would it be difficult. What more should i write about. I answered this questionnaire correctly i feel.

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