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    Angry What the *uck is my type before I lose my mind =_= !

    Dear Typology Central

    You Smart & Knowledgeable Awesome Bastards !

    I've been observing and listening to MBTI mainly with a little enneagram and soconics my life is basically similar to an accessible flow through life.

    What do I mean by "My life is basically similar to an accessible flow through life?":

    Well I love being able to absorb personality details thanks to BPD "hence the random excessive accessing flow"
    however when you been doing that for a long time you start to wonder who are you really because it's been all muddled up?...

    Which then led me to wanting to learn about my personality:

    My conclusion so far is that

    part INFP "overall without the severe dismissive depending on circumstances and mood" ,
    part ISFP "sexually" and possibly my internal drive might be "ISFP-like" with how I like to access very , very deeply till I know what it is without doubt and then some,
    part ENTJ "with my pretty poor mobilizing techniques unless someone really pisses me off then I'll go full blown expression" ,
    part INTJ "with my desire to conceptually direct within my own limits and interests such as figuring out a problem to a very important question like how the big bang happened
    and before that,etc till I get too it's rawest possible point which is actually almost impossible to achieve unless you understand flaws very well" ,
    part ESFP "with my desire to make people laugh and get attention mostly because I wanna be recognized",
    part ISFP "with my weirdness and very vague chameleon like ways" ,
    part ISTJ "with my asshole stature",
    part INTP "with my internal focus",
    part ENTP "with my desire to know more and more perhaps?? :/",
    part INFJ "haven't actually been able to achieve that rightness that INFJ's are because they piss me off too much lol",
    part ENFJ "with my lazy-ness I think and selective giving extremism",
    part ISTP "with my hot headed ness and don't give a fuck mentality",
    part ESTP "with my draggy-ness throughout my personna influences" ,
    part ENFP "with my gloomy-ness and hovering mentality throughout my personna influences",
    part ESFJ "with my need to get things just right otherwise I do genuinely get annoyed",
    part ISFJ "with my sly humorousness quality",
    part ESTJ "havn't experienced one enough to get the jist, I think there the posh high end people which case that minor sharp quality is enough for me"

    My disorders that I'm not officially diagnosed with yet are:
    Borderline Personality Disorder,
    Attention Deficit Disorder
    When I eat sugar ADHD comes out strongly and I'm always on the go it's weird.
    Schizotypal something
    Possibly narcissism disorder
    I kinda need everything to be yes and no and it does genuinely annoy the *uck out ah me when someone disagree's I try to hold it from expressing.

    SO yea lol.... Biggest Challenge or what however I do think that some the personality parts are INFP-esc and ISFP-esc so :/.

    How the heck do I go through all that to figure out my type so far ISFP and INFP seem to be the biggest contenders

    INFP because I'm cutesy wutesy and like everything to be accurate also have so many ideas endless going and going with not much stopping point genuinely

    ISFP because I can be all different types vaguely and sometimes even use the situation I'm through too push it further and deeper which I love <3.

    It's almost as if every type has something special to offer and I've picked up on that , absorbed it and then using it too my advantage towards helping people understand themselves ,etc through extraordinary and soon hopefully intimate intentions if possible thank you .

    So can I have some help please?

    If you want me to answer a small "2-5" questionnaire then please post it below "I'll only do another 50 year long test if there is no way to get around it that I can think about "!?.

    Oh yea tests results were somewhat in order:


    (IXFP 4w3 SP)

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    @DominicHughes - Where in the world are you quoting this stuff from? None of those quotes are at all indicative of the single type that you've indicated them to be.

    Why don't you start off by taking a look at this thread?A Quick Guide To Double-Checking Your Type

    Do you prefer responding or initiating, directing or informing, etc.?

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