Let me start by saying hello, and that I know very little about psychology.

When I took the Enneagram test with how I think and feel in mind, I tested as a type 8, and with wings considered, a 5w6. When I took the test with how I think and act in mind, I tested as a type 9, and with wings considered, a 1w9…

When I took the MBTI test with how I think and feel in mind, I tested as an INTJ (solely, every time, regardless of in-between time). When I took the test with how I think and act in mind, I completely broke the logic of the program and it listed INTJ, INFJ, ISTJ, and ISFJ (3x consecutively with two days in-between tests)… but, in my current social encounters I project a strong INTP.

What the heck!? Do I need to go see a shrink, or does the (N) (S) (T) (F) turn the (J) into a (P)?

A little background on me:
Throughout elementary school and middle school, I was highly erratic. All you had to do was fart in my direction and smile, and I would push out of the chair and beat you with it. I would fight the students, the teachers, my coaches, it didn’t matter one bit to me. I didn’t know how to communicate my feelings, so I was left with acting them out.

In my last year of middle school, my best friend became an ENTJ (also a type 8); I valued his high level of intelligence more than his personality (and I still do). He always seemed to say the things that were on my mind without me saying a word, like I was ventriloquist. And over 15 years later, he’s still my best friend. After middle school we went to separate high schools, but hung out nearly everyday after school.

During high school, I learned a tiny bit of self-control, but still volatile. I gained the title crazier than sh*t during my first year. Nobody picked a fight with me, but everybody wanted me by their side in a battle. [seeing me in the background, but close by and watching intently] People would literally state “We’re not afraid of you, we’re afraid of that guy!” I was only 110 lbs. soaking wet (what the eff?). There was something about my intimidating aura and hateful glare. Academic wise: I was an awesome test taker (no studying required), never did class work (I would rather listen while I doodled in my notebook to keep the appearance that I was actually taking notes), always did my homework, but never turned it in (even though it was in my backpack when the teacher asked for it). No problems with rules, but definitely rebellious. Teachers misdiagnosed me with “selective AD/HD” others assumed that I couldn’t speak English (my first language), but never provoked an audible answer to know for sure. They moved me to “special” education classes, where there was no homework and the school work was homework from my regular classes (I was 100 times more bored, but took advantage of the misconception).

Freshman year most of my friendly conversations went something like:
“Are you okay, what’s wrong?”
“You look mad.”
“Well I’m not…”

Sophomore year my friendly conversations progressed to:
“Hey, what’s up?”
“Not much...”
“Want to hang out after school?”

Junior year: When I had gotten in trouble the teachers would always say that I’m normally good kid but my “meter read zero or 100” with no in-between. I was expelled and sent to a continuation school. People that I never heard of or met knew who I was, which was something I didn’t particularly care for. By this time, I had been to Anger Management twice and soon to be three times.

Senior year: I discovered patience, and how to smile (not genuinely), but I never lost my glare (extremely awkward looking when I smiled); I still have it, and I still don’t ever get messed with. Also, I further my reputation to one that still lurks in the shadows today.

In the military: I learned how to be friendly, and how to appear slightly less threatening. People are beginning to test my patience, and two more Anger Management courses are in my future, along with a visit to the captain with three [petty] charges stacked against me with non-punitive actions as a result.

Currently: My meter still reads zero or 100, but my patience is nearly infinite. I am able to give a half hearted, but pronounced smile with a softened glare, and a touch of smugness. I’m fairly gregarious, but still mostly reserved, and I do suffer from a tick and stutter (typically when I try to convey my thoughts and bite my tongue simultaneously). I’m currently enrolled at a university, going for Environmental Science with the aspiration of becoming a geologist (statistically an INTP interest, I’m told; I chose the profession before taking any type tests) my college career matches showed mainly engineering fields.

---- Piece of Mind ----
I have read that an INTP can test as an INTJ, but rarely the other way around (purely speculation, I’m sure). I never once tested as an INTP, but have unmistakable INTP qualities socially, and subject to getting derailed instantly when in the midst of deep thought, if somebody were to intrude into my alone time with spoken words (nothing else, just words). I’m highly organized, but if my roommate, spouse, or family member is utterly messy (my spouse would be the less likely to be), it drives me to a point where I will refuse to clean their mess anymore and will allow the foulness to pile up until they do something about it themselves (but my very own personal space will be neat, unless that’s shared as well). How the heck did I become INTP, and why do act with multiple personalities if I think and feel as an INTJ autocrat? Is that even possible?

I apologize for the long post, but this is the condensed version.