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    Default Am I an ENFP or INFJ?

    Hello. So I usually get ExFx results with very mild Extraversion (18%). I enjoy my self-time, but after having dinner with friends I feel very nice. I am definitely a feeler vs a thinker lol. I am affectionate, but due to high school abuse I learned not to show my feelings and became shy. I always catch myself either dreaming about the future or the past, I am not focused on the present. Do you think I am the ENFP Inspirer type? Because that is what I get most often. I did this test: Here are my results (I did it for a second time and still got ENFP):

    - Mind - Extraverted 15%
    - Energy - Intuitive 57%
    - Nature - Feeling 68%
    - Tactics - Prospecting 41%
    - Identity - Turbulent 62%

    But here I get an ISFJ:

    I've always been a dreamer but a a kid I preferred playing with friends outside (I'm more of an outdoor person) than staying at home and read. I've always lived with people around me and I definitely prefer it to leaving alone that's why I moved out of the house I was renting alone and went to a dorm to live with other people and share a kitchen with them. I have selective mutism due to abuse in school so it's hard for me to open up with new people, however at home I blab all the time and my other complains I talk too much. As a kid I would spent hours on the phone. I loved talking on the phone and I am sure I still pretty much like doing it now. I prefer talking on the phone to written communication of any kind. Despite that I am good at writing assignments vs giving oral presentations usually but I guess my shyness can be blamed?

    For some reason I'd love to be a stay-at-home dad as I like protecting and giving affection to someone weaker than me. I also adore animals. However, I'd rather take the kids for a walk and go play with them in the park than stay at home all the time. When I feel bored I go out for a walk or do grocery shopping. I am a grocery shopping addict but I think I do it not only because I like eating, but because there are other people there. I'd rather have a family picnic than walk alone in the park. I am empathetic. I am sentimental and I went out of my way to buy the same records that belonged to my grandma that were thrown away when we had a renovation. I get attached to places and objects as much as people. I still regularly visit my favorite childhood places. Heck, I am even attached to the area around my first work and I collect photos of it. My objective now is to learn to love myself and stop being critical to myself an others. I dislike criticism, negativity of any kind and sarcastic people. I also dislike irony. I prefer sweet and caring, positive and optimistic people.

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    You are probably not ENFP. You don't sound like an Ne dom. They are change-based.

    I can definitely see ISFJ if this information is complete. But you could easily be another type as this information is not conclusive.

    Could you fill out a questionnaire?

    What you say about negative people sounds ISFP, ISFJ, INFP; I think the talking on the phone for hours is stereotyped as an Fe behavior, although I've known ESFPs who did it as well.

    What you say about wanting to be a stay-at-home dad and that whole paragraph sounds super-ISFJ. Still, not conclusive.

    Have you looked into the cognitive functions?
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    I agree ^ that you appear most like an ISFJ at face value, and are most certainly not an ENFP, but look into the cognitive functions.

    To give you a start, the best cognitive function test is this one: Keys 2 Cognition - Cognitive Processes. Paste your results here.

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    Some more things about me:
    When I was a kid I was past/present-oriented (looking with nostalgia back, but also living in the present with little to no thought about the future) and I loved it! Due to abuse in high school, I started escaping in an imaginary, perfect future. But these days I notice that I feel at my best when I am enjoying the moment, living in the now, not thinking about the future at all. I hate making plans. Even imagining a perfect future makes me anxious because I cannot live to that perfect idea of myself. But if I focus on my life now and look for the positive things I start noticing people start to get better vibes from me and I attract more positivity in my life. When I feel high-spirited and comfortable with myself even the mundane stuff like taking the bus seem like the most exciting and lovely thing ever and I become in love with almost everything like a kid.

    Sorry, but I no longer even look at personality tests, they are so boring and subjective. They don't use real language, sounds too scientific and removed from real life. Success to me is to have likeable colleagues and be like family with them, to have a nice family where love rules. To love yourself and live in the present. The problem with all personality tests are they are created by scientific types, not by artistic or creative people.

    But about the stay-at-home dad - I love kids and playing with them. But I'd go crazy if I stay inside all the time, I'm more of an outdoor type. TV is not enough, I prefer the real feel of wind, nature, the sound of birds, the sounds of kids playing, etc.
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    I have social anxiety, but I . I like to live in the present, but remembering the good times from the past. I am very fond of nostalgic things, I tend to view the past as rose-tinted utopia. I try to ignore, let go of bad memories, hence I don't keep anything from high school. But my 2013 mobile phone as I got my first job back then? Sure!

    See I'm not the type of person that attaches to objects because of them per se. I get attached to objects if they remind me of good times I had while I owned them first. E.g. I like the current Rav 4 and the Elantra as I was seeing them everyday on my previous job. Before that I never thought abut the Elantra and have never seen the last Rav 4 generation before. And that was the best job I could ever imagine. So I am attached to these models due to the memories I have of the cool times I had when I saw them everyday.

    I still keep pics from my first job in a scrapbook and I constantly go back there. I am too afraid to look nuts, so I don't actually contact my former co-workers, I just go in the area and get the good vibes.

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    Probably INFP cuz they're the ones who r delusional about their type always thinking their enfp, etc. That's cuz their feelings r outward and their dominant Fi/Fe is basically who they r

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    @beverlyhills - You sound a bit like an ISFJ to me. But there's always the possibility of a skewed description. I understand you reason for not liking tests as well, seeing as it's difficult to generalize oneself. I have a couple of questions for you...

    Do you relate to either of these three descriptions better than the other?



    What about this pair? Does one seem more like you than the other?


    And what about this pair?


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