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    Default what's my MBTI type? (answers to questionnaire)

    1-what makes you angry?
    I'm generally pretty calm (although when I do get angry it's like a wave that hits me and everything goes a little funny-I think it's similar to what authors mean when they talk about 'seeing red') but currently the issue with Islamic State (and terrorism in general) makes me angry with the situatuation over hostages and position it puts countries in (obviously you can't pay because they ransom is ridiculously large and you'd be funding terrorism (looking at you France and Italy) but you're still consciously condemning some of your own innocent citizens to death). Also how stupid our education system is. It doesn't prepare students for the real world, it doesn't inspire a generation to learn for enjoyment and enrichmemt, instead the focus is on grades and parroting out mark schemes that are forgotten as soon as an exams over. There are people fighting all over the world for an education and school kids in England and america wondering why and saying they should be thankful they don't have to go to school, and to me that is a huge indicator that something is very, very wrong.

    2-what do you like/dislike most about people?
    See above for the main dislike and I like intelligence and humour as well as people willing to discuss slightly more delicate or taboo matters (and those who won't get offended by my incredibly dark and sarcastic sense of humour)

    3-what do you like/dislike most about yourself?
    I like my ability to stay calm in a crisis ( that doesn't include exams at which I'm terrible! Its more if someone suddenly throws up (not exactly catastrophic I know) or collapses I enjoy stepping in and helping out and I live in quite a rough area so there's usually a crime and I get rather (weirdly and I may have issues) exited when I see police vans and am the first out there trying to find out what's happened. I dislike my usual inability to remain focused if I'm not under pressure (I just doodle, daydream and procrastinate although my procrastination level is quite impressive (in one day I drew up a healthy eating plan in detail working out calorie requirements and timing etc) and started it, then broke it, I went for a jog, watched a couple of films, did a new song on my piano and learned basic Russian) and that I have no idea what to do with my life nor how to find guidance (I've tried my careers advisor she says 'what do you want to do?' And its like, well if I knew I wouldn't be here, I'd be out there working towards doing it!). A like and a dislike is that I am a 'jack of all trades', I can do lots of things (I've don't post GCSE qualifications in English, history, chemistry, biology, maths and art, and can play the piano and learn languages) but I'm not exceptional at any one thing in particular (I suppose my ability to bullshit may pull slightly ahead though)

    4-do you prefer to fit in or stand out?
    Im not bothered, I sometimes like to sit back and let someone else take centre stage but occasiinally take charge

    5-what activities do you enjoy?
    Watching TV and film (fantasy, espionage, that sort of thing, I love bond films and dramas like Merlin and Robin Hood), sitting and thinking to myself about all sorts of things ranging from the very shallow to deeply philosophical) and learning (I taught myself to play the piano when I was five and still enjoy it today, I've also began learning various languages)

    6-do you like being in a relationship? why/why not?
    I've never been in a relationship. I can see the appeal if you find the right person who 'gets' you and someone to provide company but I think I'm too lazy, selfish and uncompromising to have a proper relationship.

    7-How much have you changed over the years? Who were you as a child?
    I lost myself. I have no clue what I'm doing (and am coming to the realisation that neither does most of the adult population! What's worse is after talking to some people I'm told to expect a boring job I hate! Maybe Im naive and idealistic but I'm not resigning to that). Maybe my lack of direction is why I'm trying to find meaning and definition in the mbti system. I'm not sure where it went wrong, as I child I was generous and bubbly and kind, I was inquisitive, loved all learning (I especially enjoyed reading and writing, maybe its the view that my school has on subjects that aren't maths or science thats rubbed off on me after seven years!) And got involved in lots of things (swimming, dancing, gymnastics, trampolining but I would only do it if I could compete or I didn't see the point). Really the main thing that hasn't changed is that I don't like doing something if I don't see he point. I struggle to do things purely for recreation and won't join a sports club unless its competitive. This affects my life a lot more know than it did as a child as I struggle with school because I don't know where I'm going with it I'm just working with no end goal ( my apparent goal is university. That makes the school look good. But I don't want to go if I'm not sure of what I want to do and currently I'm not passionate enough about anything. Also, university, more academia, what about the real world?)

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    You seem like a rationalist, so either ENTP, ENTJ, INTP or INTJ. I would say ENTP, but don't take my word for it.

    Take some MBTI tests, read about it, just find a description of an MBTI you resonate with.

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