- I will first say a lot of life changes are going on right now so I'm a hot mess.

- I thought I was INFP for awhile until I went to therapy 3 years ago and now I think I'm an extrovert with social anxiety.

- I've been typed as ESFJ but I don't feel that's right. I care a lot about what people think but I don't see that as Fe, at least in my case.

- I took the myers Briggs online test (the official mbtionline) one and got enfp/esfp.

- I relate to those (not the esfp stereotype though), but I can't figure out my dominant function. Ne, Se, Fi?

- myers Briggs is easy enough but then add the cognitive function theory and socionics and I'm lost.

- I've read so many definitions of the cognitive functions that are out there, that I've run into the same ones already. and now I can manipulate the tests to try to convince myself I'm the one I want to be.

- I'm close on several cognitive functions except I'm positive I absolutely suck at Ti (obviously), and am much better at Te.

Conclusion- I need to figure out for myself what I am but I need help doing it. And I've tried. But I need practical real life applications of the theories rather than attempting to read Jung. Who's been translated from his original language into even more confusion (for me)

So, how did y'all figure out your dominant functions?