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    Default I have no idea what type I am anymore..

    I used to be a stark INTJ, with 80%+ in each one, but now I take tests and I can be typed as INTP, INFJ and INFP, but still mostly INTJ, just with the T at 10-20%. I've become more sensitive and emotional in recent years, I love affection and talking about emotional problems/issues with people, as well as writing fiction and watching/reading it. I've gone from the sciences to the arts/humanities... I still am quite rational and argumentative, but I'm more of an idealist. One thing is for sure, I'm an INxx. I just don't know where I fall beyond that? Perhaps you could look at past posts and whatnot if you want to decide, I just can't tell anymore? my T is too low/wishy-washy to make a concrete decision, so is my J at times. Anyone know how I can tell?
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    Watching/reading fiction isn't a non-INTJ thing. The N component of our personalities makes us more prone to enjoy fiction vs. nonfiction and gives us our good imaginations. I know I for one am a huge fan of sci-fi and fantasy, doesn't matter if it's a book or a movie/TV show.

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