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    Quote Originally Posted by sigrvina View Post
    In fact currently I'm more confused between INTP and INFJ (could I be even more absurd oh) but I don't know I feel things, I have breakdowns but in daily life I'm percieved as cold and read that all INFJs aren't emotion butterflies so any idea?

    Oh good to know that I wasn't only weird kid hahah. I just can't stop myself especially if wrong things come from people who has to know things because that's their profession, area, job. And thanks for your opinion I don't know as I expressed on the other quotation I also think of INFJ um

    Good to hear from another INTP as someone who can experience the mindset of another INTP so thank you for your opinion
    As an INTP, I identify wholeheartedly with your idea that people who are older or higher in rank or position don't necessarily stand over me as authority but are often in need of correction. This started in elementary school when I would correct the teacher's spelling errors. As a teenager I found much to take issue with in the preacher's sermon. For example, I happen to like John Lennon's music, but the preacher was cutting down his "Imagine" as being anti-nation and anti-religion. For one thing, that's not a good way to keep teenagers coming back to church. For another thing, Lennon wasn't trying to promulgate anarchy, but peace. There are many other examples from things school teachers opinionated about in class; I kept them in mind for further reflection and years later decided that some of them were completely wrong.
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    I definitely don't get an INFJ or ISTJ vibe from you. ISTJs don't often question authority, they generally respect it. I would go with INTP or INTJ, leaning towards J because you sound a lot like my old INTJ roommate. She challenged authority at every turn, especially if she didn't respect the people making the rules. She only followed rules that made sense to her. She also had a tendency to make pretty specific plans and then throw them out as she went a long if something more convenient came along.
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    As an INTJ myself, I can tell you that I can identify with most of what you said.
    As far as questioning authority goes, I respect people in positions of authority as long as they've earned it. If they enforce stupid rules I see no reason to follow those rules. An example would be at school, where we have a rule that you can't eat in the school hallways. This rule is in place because there are certain people who litter and make messes in the hallways, which doesn't impress the custodians. I am a responsible teenager and do not litter, therefore I don't see why the rule should apply to me and continue to eat in the hallways in order to avoid the crowd in the cafeteria, despite multiple reprimands. It's a stupid rule, and thus I see no reason to follow it.
    But yes, I also constantly corrected my teachers (starting in kindergarten). My general rule of thumb is to respect authority and follow the rules if it makes logical sense to do so or if there will be consequences for not following them.

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