I'd like you to help me typing this person, and in case you can't (sorry for the lacking info, btw), please do at least point out the cognitive function that you note. I'll try to put facts as anecdotes in order to give the minimal emotional interference.

1)when she was young, she was quite rebellious, she often defied her mother and acted a bit reckless: she joined a group of not-so-recomandable acquantance and went into alcohol, smoke and stuff.
I can't really say why she did it, maybe because she felt pressured for her father's recent death and she didn't want to face reality.

2) she's good at drawing and artistic stuff, albeit her parents forced her not to take art classes because they thought it was useless and not helpful for their shop.

3)she's quick to anger and quite violent, hates feeling judged and tends to rebel against any authority. she shows a lacking control of her emotional impulses and would often act without thinking.

4)she's not good at handling her daughter. she can't impose her a bit of discipline and tends not to care too much about her, thus often leaving the kid to her mother.

5)she's into a romantic relationship which defining sick is a plain compliment: that man exploits her and has abandoned her moe than once, still she insists on staying with him going against her own family and logic. yet, she always complains about how unhelpful and distressing that man is.

6)she can be a bit wicked and pick on other's weakness to make fun of them, yet she is very sensitive when it comes to her weight. for instance, when she was younger she would tease, who is way more gullible than her.

7)I daresay he is quite adventurous, and would like to travel and learn about new places, still she is stuck with a life she seemingly hates.

8)average smartness, non-praticant believer, lacking sense of fashion and cuisine, heavy smoker, decent driver, works as a clerck in a insurance office. although she'd like to become a subagent, she has nor the knowledges nor the right circle of acquaintances to do it.

9)I'd say she is quite gullible and more than once she has been exploited, which made her feel very bad. a few months ago her boyfriend asked her a big sum to invest it on stock options, and she accepted without any prior knowledge of what the deal was about, nor about how stock exchange in general works. as easily predictable, she ended up losing the whole sum and still rues it badly.

10)she does not make plans, and often embarks impossible feats with an overly optimistic spry, just to end up failing and disappointed. for instance, her fiancee convinced her to start a dog breeding activity in spite of not having nor the place to locate this dogs, not the time to take care of them. ah, and not even the dogs themselves.

11) she spends more than she can afford, on things she doesn't really need. such as the huge car she bought just to let it to her fiancee.

12) she secrets unrelevant things just to keep up her facade, albeit those secrets are easily unveiled since she's no good at covering up her traces and keeping secrets.

I know, this things are biased and incomplete, yet I'd like you to draw at least some cues out of them