Hi, still searching for my type and I've used a few forums to pile together some questions and was wondering if anyone could glean my type from this?

1. What makes you like/dislike a person?
For like, someone who's authentic, has a good sense of humour and doesn't take themselves too seriously but will have deep conversations with me at 3am, I don't like people who try hard to get in with the popular crowds etc also for dislike, well the opposite, people who are fake (whether its faking being stupid or putting on an air of faux intellect, just anything) and overly sensitive to dark humour as well as people who insist on following rules to the letter, and those 12 year old girls on Facebook who post things like 'luv ma bae he's ma 1 n only, 2k14 bst yr evaaa xxxoxoxox<3' (I could make a list for ever, but they're my main ones)

2. What do you like/dislike about yourself?
I like that I'm a good 'all rounder', I can do lots of things (intellectual and as physical skills eg art, music) and I'm pretty adaptable and open minded although this has its done in that I don't consider myself to have a strong personality and sense of who I am yet (I think the most important thing is for people to find who they are really without input from everywhere else), I have a sharp sense of humour and I like that I can quickly latch on to what makes people tick but I dislike that I'm lazy and a procrastinator (I could do SO much if I could be arsed). My biggest annoyance is that I'm impulsive and often cut my nose off to spite my face (I was studying a levels and taking subjects like history and English lit,predicted A's and considering oxbridge, a week before year 13 started I decided to see a careers advisor and ended up at a spontaneous interview and enrolled on an art and design btec course at a different college which I then decided against and two days before I was supposed to start yr13 (I hadn't told my sixth form I was enrolled elsewhere) I decided to resit yr12 taking maths and science (and considering our school lost funding for resits it took a hellmof a lot of waterworks to convince my head of sixth form) but now I just feel lost and have no clue what I'm doing)

3. How do others see you and how does that compare to how you feel?
In others words (as they've charmingly told me) I come across as cold (I have a very dark sense of humour), competitive, opinionated (although I really don't think I am) and quiet. I don't feel like that inside though, i think im very sensitive to small things (i rewatched harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2 again today and I bawl my eyes out when I'm alone and become quite attached to characters and can really empathise) even though I hate to show it, i'm usually quiet because I like to observe, fantasise and occasionally get lost in my own thoughts (I live inside my head, whichis a really bad habit). Also, despite coming across as reserve I crave close friendships with people.

4.what do you enjoy doing?
F**k all. In the holidays I just laze around eating and watching TV (11hrs straight of diy: sos, I was incredible proud and considered doing some but then escape to the country came on....oopsies)

5. What do you think about?
Everything. From things like what I'm I going to have for breakfast (I usually can't decide so just have all the options to save that decision) to deep philososophical thoughts bout being good and bad, is there a god, what's the point? And then usually go off in fantasy land where I'm a spy or have magic powers and there's explosions and shit. I usually am trying to figure out who I am,I think about all the tiny details, where I fit, what's my purpose?

6. What do you long for in life?
Happiness. I want to find a passion and cling to it no matter where it takes me, I have no interest in money or material values and want freedom and somewhere I feel I belong.

I'm sorry I know this is VERY long but all help is appreciated