Hi, I've been stuck on my type for a long time and I've done every free test out there and know the system well enough to sway it to whatever mood I'm in so can't get my true type and would like an outside opinion. Could someone ask a few more obscure questions to type me?
For E or I: I come across as a quiet person and I dislike small talk immensely as well as people who just chatter for no reason. I do like to have attention (who doesn't?) but only amongst friends (in class at school, for example I'd rather keep my head down and get on with it).

For N or S: this is where I struggle most, I like to observe but often get bored and withdraw into my own head. I have a very vivid imagination and as a child loved reading, writing, drawings, crafts etc, although I lost this when I went to high school (a grammar school that focuses on sciences and I hate that I let it influence me so much). People often tell me I'm pragmatic and don't develop my ideas enough (my art teacher, although the real issue is I don't like sharing my ideas until they're fully formed and I have to have everything done to perfection, or as close as I can get. I love art (I'm deciding between that and chemistry to take to further study) however have no appreciation for abstract art and base whether it's good or bad on skill.

For T or F: I spent a long time thinking I was a T (due to my upbringing I've learned to hide and suppress my feeling and become detached) however I'm actually a sensitive person (don't really like admitting to it) and my mood is easily affected by little things and Im an empathetic person (I'm not sure id go as far as compassionate though). With regards to career I'm not a financially focused person, I'd rather follow a passion, do what I love and be happy even if that means being poorer (I'm still in the lengthy process of finding that).

For P or J: I'm sure I'm a p here. I hate being told what to do, value freedom and flexibility above all and am a master procrastinator (although my ability to produce a lot if work when I can't push for a third deadline extension is quite impressive!)