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    Question >>>>> IP or IJ ??? <<<<<

    Hi! I was wondering if you could help me figure out if I am an IXXP or an IXXJ.

    I appear more serious outwardly than I an inside. I am usually more inside my head and contribute less substantial things in the outside world. I prefer to live unstructured but I am endlessly trying to commit to a single routine. I like to start my morning without a plan and I do as I feel that day.

    Any guesses???

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    I would lean IP, but it's not clear without specific representative examples.

    The initial comment about appearing more serious outwardly than internally.... that could go either way, especially because there are a lot of variables there... your upbringing, your life experiences, the context, all of that can determine how "serious one appears on the outside" and not just a matter of type. In some situations I can be extremely non-serious and goofy to the point of being annoying, and in others I can appear over-serious and straight-laced to the point of annoyance as well. (I see myself as earnest, not serious per se; but that's because I can see inside myself.)

    The middle comment about being more inside your head, etc., is more just describing you as an introvert, not J/P.

    With the last part, typically your IPs are easier-going externally since they extrovert with Perceiving function (Ne or Se), which is a means of data collection and more flexible in nature. This seems to gel with the latter half of your description well, where you are open to possibilities during the day to DETERMINE the "best" direction rather than IMPOSING direction from an internal source of your daily activities. This part of your description I think is the most relevant for J/P functioning.
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    For the introverted temperaments, Ip roughly correlates to IJ in MBTI JCF and Ij roughly correlates to IP in MBTI JCF.

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