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    Quote Originally Posted by Chanaynay View Post
    I'm not gonna attract Mal or Deceptive's attention to this post because I don't wanna deal with responding to people. I'm going to summon @Starry to this thread because there's a lot of (reasonable) misconceptions about E9s flying around and she's the one who helped me realize what E9s actually got going on.

    E9s fear loss and separation not because "omg they love their friends so much and they don't wanna cause conflict!!! <3" but because they have a lack of personal identity. E9s, like E3s and E6s, can also present themselves in a clusterfuck of ways because, being an attachment type, they fear separation from that which provides the identity. E9 often surrounds itself with certain people and will draw their identity from there, which is why E9s are often portrayed as people who fear the separation from their loved ones. It's not because of just the fact that losing loved ones is painful, it's that without them their identity is at a loss. But still there are special E9s who draw their identity from elsewhere. For Elfboy (I'm not summoning him to the thread because he'll contest me and Starry on believing he's 9w8 with a really strong connection to 3) who's always been more of a lone wolf, he's attached himself to an image to provide the identity. The image is some sort of an E7ish, "prince-like", entitled/bratty, outgoing, and energetic persona that he SAYS is there. I'm not saying you are E9 for sure, but at least understand where I'm coming from with this knowledge and then read this quote of yours stood out to me the most:

    Do you see how I could get 9 sx/sp from this? Okay honestly I've been too E7 to read anything else you've posted after the original thread haha but I hope you understand where I'm coming from. Starry might also be able to help or add onto what I'm saying about E9s if she's willing.

    Also, if you are a 4 you ain't no 4w5. 4s don't desire "being the most interesting/unique" or fear being dull or bland. This can be a quality 4s exude, but that comes from the influence of its 3 wing. 3s want to impress and they want their qualities to stand out - they're very good at marketing themselves in that sense. You also are so much more engaging and enthusiastic than 4w5 who is pretty much entirely reclusive. I also really don't see any 5 tendencies in you at all. The fact that you love the limelight for a decent amount of time and unapologetically grab people's attention when you choose to says you're at least a 4w3 rather than a 4w5.
    Why would I respond to it anway? Suppose I wanted to agree with you wholeheartedly? Oh well, who gives a shit.
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    Quick update: I'm going with ISFP 4w5 sx/sp at the moment. INFP is a very close second, though. Still working on tritype: 458, 469 and 459 are all on the table right now.

    For all those who think and offer explanations for e9 ... thank you ... I'm not just blowing you off without consideration but the reasons you're offering are the things I told myself the entire year and a half I thought I was an e9 and tried to force fit around myself. In fact, I may have arm twisted people on typology forums into believing all sorts of things about reactive 9s with dark sides and jagged edges ... which they can be ... but they're probably not that much like me after all.

    Thanks, everyone, for all your perspectives.
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