Okay so I did some thinking last night after speaking to my counselor, who said I somewhat a concrete thinker, and this is what I came up with: I think I might be a ENFP/ ESTP hybrid. I believe that my intuition and sensing, as well as my thinking and feeling are very well balanced out. This is because I use my intuition and sensing equally, I'm very creative and I live in the past and future, but I live in the present when I'm focused. I'm good at memorizing facts, and understanding theories. Plus, I have a particular ESTP trait, and that is that I love conflict. I almost never back down from a fight, and I have very good reflexes. Then the ENFP side of me just wants to stop the fighting and be friends with everybody, so I only explaination I have is that I'm a hybrid between the two. I just have 2 questions. 1: Is this possible? And 2: what careers can be done by both an ENFP and an ESTP?