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The past couple days I have been trying to identify the extroverted function through how someone writes. I haven't seen too many FJs around the forum, but I think they may be good at writing about their personal lives, or at least writing from a very personal perspective. I don't see you using logical phrases like a TJ or connection based terms like an NP (sorry, very vague here about what Te and Ne comes across as, still trying to formulate expressions for what I am starting to see). There as too few SPs around the forum for me to identify what they're like yet, but I imagine they are very factual.
This is very interesting. SPs would probably be brief and to the point.

I was thinking, if I'm ISFJ I'm definitely stuck in an Si-Ti loop.

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Hmm this is interesting I want to guess that N is not your first function, but likely your second or third. You remind me somewhat of me, until I was twelve years old I agreed that I was a Conservative Christian of the kind of older Southern sort, not the big flashy churches plastic smile evangelical, more like the people who attended outdoor revivals, cry over Elvis ballads, keep the "good book" in a visible place full of family documents, who may hide money under their mattress, own a shotgun, and would NEVER as a woman wear pants to church, and as a man would never wear jeans, etc.

However around age 13 I suddenly questioned everything. I was also a "good" child, but became extremely rebellious in my teens in a borderline incorrigible way, balanced only by my personal investment in thinking things through, reading, etc keeping me from being one of the worst. It wasn't so much about being "bad" as feeling trapped or stifled.
That is pretty much what happened to me, too. After I discovered that most of what I believed in wasn't 100% true, I became a rebellious rational satanist, an individualist anarchist and an existential nihilist (and a hormonal bitch but let's not talk about that). I felt trapped because after abandoning everything I had been taught, it was like I had nothing in common with my parents and my friends anymore, but I was still forced to go to church and attend a catholic school (I hated this because, as an atheist going to church every Sunday, I was being incoherent, i.e. not true to myself and my beliefs... Fi?).

You do seem kind of comically closed minded as a child though
Well, in my defense, my closed mindedness was likely encouraged and rewarded :/

You're right, I can't be Ni dominant. Probably Ne-Si / Si-Ne.

I watched some INFP videos on youtube and I think I may be one of them. I can relate to 80-90% of what they say (20-10% = I don't like art or literature (I prefer philosophy), don't care about artists expressing their feelings, don't read much, don't like writing at all, and I have no problem labeling people when typing them (yes, everyone is unique and yada yada, but the MBTI is an approximation)).

For some reason I still see feelings as a weakness, which is why I can't/don't want to express them directly (expressing myself for me consists mainly in wearing t-shirts with the logo of my favorite tv shows/bands) and might explain why I couldn't relate to F functions.

I do value others' feelings though: when someone is scared of something like swimming pools or has a phobia, people usually try to convince them that there's nothing to be afraid of and they force them to try ("just once, you'll love it")... when this happens I'm always the first to tell these people to leave the poor guy/gal alone. Everyone has different fears because everyone has had different experiences, positive ones but also negative ones, and it drives me crazy how some people just can't understand that by forcing someone who is phobic of x to face it, they're making it worse, and that if they're not afraid of x thing, it doesn't mean that being scared of x thing is stupid. They need to separate fear from danger. Danger is not always real. Fear can be irrational but it's very real.

So... Fi?

And e9 makes sense. I don't know if w1 or w8 though.