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    Default how would you type this person?

    ok, here I am bothering you for help again

    today, I am going to describe a friend of mine that I had hard time trying to type. therefore, your insight is even more appreciated

    as for my guesses, all I can say is that he is ExxP, and I'm not even so sure about P.

    1) he's always eager to meet people and fun together, although he does take his time off.

    really, whenever we enter a place he's already chatting with somebody he has never met before, finding the most varied excuses I would never think of to break the ice.
    furthermore, he often bothers me saying that I should hang out more and stuff, since he can't really conceive a saturday night in, for instance.
    even so, he does take some time for himself to stay alone, but this doesn't mean that he will hang out with you whenever asked.

    2)he's very jealous when it comes to love affairs, and no one can say a thing about her girlfirend.

    man, he had this stormy relationship with a girl whom he chased after for basically 5 years! no matter how many times she shut him down by telling him "they we just friends", he kept buying her costly gifts, writing poems, songs and stuff..... it was quite pathetic if you ask me.
    really, at one point he tried talking some sense into him and convinced him to move on and find another girl (which was pretty awesome in comparison to the former), but still he broke up with this girl after a while because "he didn't love her".
    now, that girl kind of realized no one but him wanted to be engaged to her (she's such a twerp), and surrendered. now they stay together, and he works his ass off just to fulfill every need of her, such as driving 100 kms a week to go staying with her when she's sick (she is often bedridden because of an heart problem).
    on the other hand, though, he is very demanind to her, and whenever they hang out she wants no one to disturb them. and by disturb I mean that if they hang out with the herd they are not going to talk to anyone. and don't you dare saying a word about this, lest you want to be glared upon D:

    3)when he's in love, he won't give up even in face of several denials, and will keep pestering the girl until she gives up. on the other hand, if he feels like he doesn't love that girl any longer, he will break up with little care.

    well, I explained it above.

    4)he's quick-tempered and gets fired up for nothing most of the time, especially when criticized.

    he deems himself a learned person, and often comes up with "original" ideas (read: wrong misconceptions). and don't you dare correcting him: he will stubbornly defend his point even before evidence. just an example: once he told me that modest means haughty, and I had to make him look up the dictionary in order to convince him O.o
    on the top of that, he takes every criuticism as a personal offence, so one must be careful when talking to him, lest you want to offend him.

    5)he likes showing off and performing (like putting up jokes and stuff like that), and will always seek everybody's attention.

    he's definitely quite the performer: whether it is playing the guitar during the church youth club festival, reading poems at school or playing banters, he's always at it.
    and he won't just be doing it, he will do it taking the spotlight for himself in the process.
    really, he has quite the ego....

    6)when he's made, he will vent as much as he wants even at the cost of his very school career.

    by this I mean that he can't hold anger for long, and he will vent it out even if the consequences will be highly detrimental for his own career or social interactions. and he will never come back on his words to apologize....

    7)in spite of his hot temper, he will strive to keep good relations with authorities, even at the cost of bootlicking them. it really doesn't matter if her gossips about said people once they are out of ear reach though.

    well, as long as he can repress his anger, he will try to have the best relationship possible with everyone, especially authorities, even at the cost of being inconsistent with his own ideas. for instance, there was a teacher at high school he always made fun of among us, but since his English is hella bad, he would try to bootlick her whenever possible, treating her a coffee or complimenting her with an unpreceded falsehood.

    8) even if he strives to appear as a great fearless person, deep inside he's quite the coward.

    as I said, he like banters, and banters often lead people in dangerous situations (well, socially dangerous at least), and since he is known as a good boy among our community (he volunteers to help children and stuff), he will always chicken out of risky situations just to keep his face.

    9)he tends to gossip about people, even the ones he's close to.

    and that's why we get on so well: he's my personal gosspi source (and by gossip I don't mean stuff about vips, but stuff about my village's people)
    I know for sure he gossips about me too, but who cares :P

    10)he tries to be empathetic with people, with usually decent results.

    really, he hangs out with everybody who's in need for someone to listen to you, he will help. although we spend the most of our time together listening to him rather than me

    12)he thinks he's pretty smart, and the only reason he failed at school is that school is too boring for him.

    well, it's not like he's a retard, he's normal, but normal is pretty bad if compared with me.... so that's why he always tries to keep up with me knowledge-wise, with the results I showed earlier....

    13)he always tries using complex words, just to end up being brutally corrected by me, if I feel like doing it.

    since he likes poetry and songs, he is supposedly able to use a big vocabulary... to some extent. at times he even hyper-corrects himself, ending up making mistakes...

    14) he's hella stubborn and won't back down even when evidence shows he's downright wrong.
    15)he's very talkative and enjoys telling people about his stuff, even at the cost of repeting the same fact twenty times.

    that's what our interactions are like: he speaks and tells basically pretty much the same stuff every time. I enjoy it anyway since he always fires up when talking and can really make you laugh.

    16)he's always late and gets offendend if you point that out.

    man, we usually meet like 300 meters away from his place and he's always the last to arrive O.o

    17)he often jokes about his bad habits(such as smoking), even though he cares little about changing them.

    these are some of him favourite jokes: and while this may seem a form of self-criticism, he does not intend it so, it's just for fun.

    18)he's quite bossy with people, and often expect them to accept his choices as holy truths.

    like when we hang out, he decides do postpone at last and if anyone dares asking why, he replies: "because we (read I) decided so". what an answer O.o

    19) he gets on well with most people and no one really hates him.

    in spite of his temper, at times a bit hard to bear with, he has plenty of friends and likes making new ones.

    20)if he feels like you are pissed off with him, he will become more pleasant in order not to spoil your relationship.

    as long as he can keep his nerves under control, he will try to make everyone get on well with.

    21)he can be very cheering at times, especially if he feels uncertainty in other people surrounding him.
    22)he is very conservative when it comes to politics and cultural values, in fact he is very catholic and has a poster of Mary in his bedroom XD
    23) he usually follows a routine and does not often venture in unknown situations, in which he becomes quite anxious.
    24)his dream, since he was a child, was not to become a certain job or to live a better life, simply to have a family and to be a good dad. in fact, he really looks after his niece and you can see it in his eyes that he'd like her to be his daughter.
    25)at times, he makes hasty decisions he ends up regretting (such as when he gave up on a school year out of laziness).
    26) he likes helping out others as long as this improves his reputation.

    I hope this is enough

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    The descriptor left me with these impressions:

    • Weak Ethics (particular emphasis on )
    • Merry Type (/)
    • Logical Type
    • Valuing
    • Role Characteristics

    I would estimate your friend to be ILE ().

    The semi-appropriate MBTI counterpart would be ENTP. [JCF = NeTi]

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    Yeah. I can see ENTP from that.

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