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    Default Spare some help for a pleb that doesn't really understand Introversion-Extraversion

    I've had some awfully boring and depressing hours in my life yawning at pages regarding the differences between introverts and extroverts, and despite understanding what the general differences are at face value I'm finding it really tricky applying that to myself. Every MBTI quiz thingy I've taken over the past couple of years has spat out "ENTP" at me, and those silly little analysis pages that tell me vague ego-enhancing lines about personal strength seem to fit me more than any other type.

    But I'm probably not answering those quizzes honestly. Subconsciously anyway. I'm just wondering whether there are any clear-cut signs that is a person is one or the other (I'm aware of the ambivert idea, but this detracts from the fun), so I'll bore you with a bit of information about me;

    I live with a thick veil of apathy about pretty much everything, especially socially. I don't really seek out interaction per-se, but I don't avoid it either; If someone asks me out, I always go, if I don't get asked then I sit at home. I'm good with large groups, feel comfortable in a crowd, and am usually fairly chatty with strangers, store clerks, etc. I do have an awful habit of forgetting that people exist though, when I dropped out of college I basically didn't speak to any of my friends from there again, not for any good reason, I just literally forget that they exist in day-to-day life. Most of my time alone in the house is spent on facebook or texting someone. If there's nobody around I'll sometimes just go and read previous conversations so I can sort of 're-enjoy' them over again, I dislike being alone and that kind-of staunches the boredom.

    All that being said, I don't actually have many good, regular friends. They're easy to make, if I meet someone new I'm usually around their house every day for the next two weeks, then I suddenly just stop going for reasons unbeknown to me, it just stops happening. At the moment I would say that I have around 5 good friends (Incl. girlfriend) that I speak to every day, and another 20-25(?) acquaintances that I see or speak to very occasionally or coincidentally.

    Again, I have no idea if any of this is related to introversion-extraversion, I'm just looking for an opinion or seventeen on the matter.
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    I've heard a million different ways to describe the difference and many of them are contradictory. I will say that most of the definitions seem to put the burden of evidence on being an extravert (if a person doesn't want to go out 3 nights a week or isn't constantly and actively seeking company, that person by default must be an introvert). I don't think that standard would catch that many people. From your description, you sound balanced and normal and most likely moderately extraverted.

    For what its worth, my husband is a self-typed ENTP (he's never questioned his type and it fits him very well) and would usually prefer playing video games to an evening out.

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    I apologize for not really feeling like getting into the sordid details of the introversion-extraversion debate, but you sound textbook ENTP to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skylights View Post
    I apologize for not really feeling like getting into the sordid details of the introversion-extraversion debate, but you sound textbook ENTP to me.
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    Yeah. Congratulations.

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