What's your type?


What colour do you like?

Teal, Aqua Spring Green Torch Red Wild Watermelon

What is your favourite personality?

NFs and NTs

Where can you find clams?

Everywhere on the beach. And in Fish restaurants. And at my parents home.

Are you fascinated by wooden planks?


They look so good and are nice to walk on with bare feet.

Do people make you fascinated by boats?


Does the number 9 resemble the number 6?

Crazy, 9 is orange, 6 is purple,
9 is older, determinate and independent, it can be bossy.
6 is like a shy and insecure child. But really charismatic.
No way they could resemble each other.

How are elastic bands made?

No idea, sorry.

Do you step on the floor tiles only being able to step on the one's that fit into the pattern in your mind?

Yes, I often do that.

Do you take your finger and make sure it does not meet a lamp post and only go over it using your field of vision as the picture?

Not sure about the last part of the question. Something like, when you look at your hands pointing something but fixing the glance in something beyond your arm and the fingers look transparent and split into two? I do that.

If you put a pig in an airplane does that mean that pigs can fly?

More no than yes.

Did you ever remember the 5th of November?