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    Default Being this nonchalant, how would it be translated to mbti?

    So uhh, I've been wondering about what my type is, but have also been complacent about learning the system.
    Not that I'm disinterested, but when it comes to deductions, I'm a bit indecisive I'm going to describe a tendency of mine that has been bugging me (though not in a wholeheartedly negative kind of way), which I think closely relates to Ti-Si loop. Tell me if I'm wrong. I know this is probably a bit too dramatic.

    When I say I feel uncertain, often times that feeling has long subsided or that feeling was only an urge to be felt. It's quite deceiving. The meaning of words and actions are practically nullified in my head now. That's why I want to talk to my friends so badly. An ever-changing opinion, while being something I don't particularly despise, feels terrifying. Saying these sorts of things feels like I'm speaking for somebody else I know. I know, somehow, how a certain person would react, and I sometimes inevitably act on it as my own. I'm not particularly happy about it, but at least I'm getting somewhere by noticing something. I feel masked whenever I'm with people. Feelings, I probably don't have them, I just pretend that I do. People, I want to have feelings for, things and happenings I want to have opinions for. But I don't So often, I find my self being jealous of my friends by simply knowing about their convictions.

    According to the mbti test I recently took, I'm an ISFJ, no doubt. I can mostly identify with ISFp descriptions too.
    As for my cognitive stack, I have Si - Fi - Ti - Te - Ni - Fe - Se - Ne. Possibilities: ISTJ, ISFP, ISTP.

    How I relate to:
    Si - thinking parallel to a certain example, remembering facts by context - e.g. remembering what paragraph a certain word was in
    Fi - expressing feelings in the wrong way, which makes people unresponsive, which makes me unresponsive
    Ti - being indecisive, I guess
    Te - comparing my progress to the progress of others
    Ni - why is that something acting in a certain way? I'm probably wrong

    Also, somebody said SFs have NT logic (NFs; ST logic). I wonder how true that is?

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    There is not a lot of text for me to analyze here (I use text to imagine the person I'm talking to and then analyze the type of the imaginary person, but data is limited for details here).

    However, I don't see you as ISFJ. You're too intense for that. I see you as ISFP. In fact, you remind me of someone I know who is ISFP; I can easily imagine him expressing himself as you are expressing yourself here. You do have feelings; the fact that you would even think that you 'pretend you do' demonstrates this. The kind of panicky/extreme feel to what you are saying also seems ISFPish. And you are downing yourself in an ISFPish way.

    There is no way in the world that you are an ISTP.

    I don't think it is true that SFs have NT logic. ESFPs seem to use a lot of Te sometimes. I haven't analyzed usage of other SFs, but I think ESFJ and ISFJ are probably the lowest on logic of all types, based just on my small sample size.

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