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    Default Where should I locate myself?

    What do you think my type is according to MBTI and Socionics? What more information do you need? Any questions I need to answer?

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    Zeroing is always a grand tactic.

    Check the post here, and see which temperament you belong to. This will eliminate many types and allow you to concentrate on 4 types within 4 different spheres of information/life (Intuitive-Logical sphere, Sensory-Logical sphere, Sensory-Ethical sphere, Intuitive-Ethical sphere). If you are stuck between two temperaments, look for the one you loathe the most or are annoyed with the most out of people (Ej, for instance, will annoy Ips while at the same time attracting Ij).

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    INTP 5w6 594 sp/sx or sx/sp on impression alone.

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