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Thread: what's my type?

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    Default what's my type?

    I've taken practically every (free) test out there and most of the time am either intp or istp (usually only marginally though) and am unsure how to decide which I am. My first though when I think of an 'N' person is an english literature student ( metaphors, analogies, deep meanings and discussions on philosophy blah blah) and I did an as in English lit and HATED it with a more fiery passion than any thing I have ever hated (I'm hard to get riled up so for me that's saying something). That being said my natural ability if you like, is in English ( I understand the subject even if I don't like it, and do well and am a good writer) but am now redoing a year (which seems awfully dramatic considering my sixth form doesn't usually allow resits of am entire year because they lose funding so I had to prepare a whole case and act very convincingly Oscar winning waterworks and all) and am taking my preferred subjects of maths and chemistry (I like the right answers, less speculation, complex (which I adore) but straightforward (which sounds contradictory but its like going through a maze that seems jumbly but there's just one route) but have a habit of skipping some of the logical steps and ju!ping straight to answers. The big thing that seems to separate N and S is the big picture or detail. Here I am really in the middle. I grew up in competitive sport so for as long as I can remember have had 'here's where we're going and here's how we're going to get there' (big picture then details) talk so don't know any different. I recently packed all that in (biggest mistake I ever made but I'm not admitting to family and friends I was wrong....again) so I could find a passion (not a particularly passionate person and haven't found my passion yet but I'll get round to it) and find myself working on small details and shirt term goals so as to not overwhelm myself but feeling lost without knowing where I'm gong long term (I don't know whether that's because having a long term goal is what I'm used to or because that's how I work best so don't actually know my natural preference). I'm both pragmatic and imaginative- most people describe me as cold, practical and aloof and whilst I think abstract art, romantic gestures and twee pretty things are ridiculous I am constantly daydreaming (dramatic events and action filled episodes chased across continents with spies and heroism - ridiculous but I get bored pretty easily which is probably an indicator I'm not doing the right thing for me at the moment). So N or S? ( oh and I'm fairly sure on the itp because I'm pretty antisocial, care little for relationships besides the physical (never had a relationship just hookups because commitment...ugh, although there are a select few I will connect with and truly love) and am a messy, scatterbrained, procrastinating p ). Sorry for the ramble!

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    Of those two, you are certainly not INTP, so ISTP is more likely. But the sample isn't big enough for me to guarantee that. If you were right to narrow it down to those two, you are ISTP.

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