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I've noticed real NE types say weird shit like "what if you woke up from a coma with amnesia but couldn't stop farting" (real, honest to God example) or they can't stop theorizing about things that only loosely correlate to reality. They're at once impressive and annoying. Theorizing alone isn't Ne, it could mean you have Ji/Ni as an ISXP type.
I had an ENFP friend once. She was hilarious.
When I'm with an Ne user who starts talking about weird random shit, I usually join them, but I don't think being like them is my default setting. Ne likes to play with ideas and theorize, Se manipulates the environment and solves practical problems, right? I love solving problems, and I prefer working with my hands and seeing a tangible result once I'm done. This most likely means I use a sensing function more than Ne, and since, like you said, I'm probably Ji/Ni, it must be Se. Also, everyone here agrees with ISTP, and you're probably less biased than I am right now, so maybe you're right.