I still sometimes question my type, but I usually return to the same conclusion, so this thread is less about asking what others think I am than it is about asking others what functions they see reflected through my posts and other things I've written. If the poll works (I've not had good luck with poll making in the past), please check all function types you believe I show in any posts of mine you have read (even if I'm using/displaying the function in an inferior manner - in which case additional comments would be nice).

From cascademn's recent post, I got the idea to dig up some past writing samples from outside the board that I think may show something closer to my natural states of mind when I'm writing and not thinking about type.

These are various fragments of things I've written over time
(I may decide I want to delete this part later, so I'm including it as a link to make it easier to edit/delete if I change my mind, but please feel free to quote specifics from it if you feel it is relevant)

A few of the specifics I'm interested in are if my writing style does show Fe and if it does, if its a developed/positive form, or an undeveloped negative form, or if its simply non-existent in my writing. I'm also interested in seeing if there is a noticeable Ni/Ne and Ti/Te divide represented through my writing (specific examples of those would be great). I don't expect I show much of either Si or Se, but if I do I'd really appreciate some examples of how people think I'm displaying those so I can better understand those aspects of myself. Knowing what function others think is dominant in me would also be interesting.