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    Quote Originally Posted by Complexity View Post
    My final conclusion of your type is INFJ. I actually saw lots of Ni in you, and also, in this quiz, you actually scored quite high on Ni. And also, in one of your previous threads, you wrote this:

    This part here is actually very Fe. I noticed that Fe types often have this tendency to neglect their own needs just to keep the people around them happy.
    INTJs have tertiary Fi, so I don't think they are "malleable" at all.

    So my final conclusion of your type is INFJ.
    My only issue is Fe:

    "Extraverted Feeling is very attentive to others and can just sense what others are currently feeling. It is able to quickly assess the mood of the environment. It is also very skilled at changing the mood, whether they want to make it more upbeat or sadder"

    "Extraverted Feelers tend to enjoy helping out others. They like being useful, supportive, and encouraging."

    "Types who use it as a strength (ENFJ, ESFJ, INFJ, ISFJ) tend to absorb the feelings of others and are often driven to change them for the better."
    I don't relate to any of that.

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    Off-topic posts have been moved, please feel welcome to carry on with the type analysis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skylights View Post
    Off-topic posts have been moved, please feel welcome to carry on with the type analysis.
    You killed the thread.
    "Everyone has a plan till they get punched in the mouth." Mike Tyson

    Life is about the journey, because we already know the destination.

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    I am fairly certain that I am an IN type.

    As an INTJ, I would have a slightly stronger Fi than Te.

    As an INFJ, I would have a slightly stronger Ti than Fe.

    As an INTP, I would have trouble with Ne.

    As an INFP, I would have issues with Fi and Ne.

    Here is my thoughts on the functions:


    I see a cup as a cup; I have issues with seeing many different ways in how a thing can be used. Maybe I can see two or three options tops, but I am not an idea man by any means.


    Understanding whether I use Ti or Fi is a problem. I am not a deep thinker, nor am I a deep feeler. Ti or Fi would have to be tertiary or inferior.

    Weak Si

    Terrible memory; hates routine and traditions; can't remember where I put my keys a minute after putting them down.

    The main reason I have trouble seeing myself as INxJ is that Ni is so rare, and I am too lazy to be considered productive.

    This is my dilemma.

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    I vs E :

    - I prefer one to one interactions
    - I dislike loud noises (especially the disruptive kind) and large crowds
    - I like not feeling obligated to other people
    - I spend most of my time inside my head

    It is obvious that I am an Introvert.

    N vs S

    - I focus more on imagination, patterns, metaphors, connections, etc. than actual reality (e.g. the objects around me)
    - I see a cup as a cup; a device for holding liquid. I do not see many ways in which it can be used
    - I can usually come up with two or three solutions to a problem, but I am not an idea man.
    - I hate sports, as well as most draining physical activities
    - I have terrible coordination and memory
    - I despise the conventional
    - I am attracted to strange and esoteric things

    It is safe to say I am an intuition, or have Se auxiliary with strong Ni.

    F vs T

    - I am skeptical of people and their intentions
    - I do not like to concern myself with people’s problems
    - I can be emphatic at times, and may pretend to be uncaring
    - I want to have a mechanical mind
    - I want to be an author
    - I have wild flights of fantasy, which don’t usually involve myself.

    I wonder if I am a weak T or cynical F.

    P vs J

    - I have a messy room and lack the motivation to clean it
    - I’d prefer a scheduled life even though I lack the motivation to make one
    - I take deadlines seriourly
    - I hate surprises
    - I do not consider myself ‘laid-back’; I worry.
    - I don’t mind having things be left open ended as long as I have a goal

    Is it safe to say J?


    - I have no idea what my values are, as I often change opinions either when new information comes in or something becomes apparent
    - I care more about family than other people. As a matter of fact I rarely concern myself with other people.
    - I would be willing to change my values if the situation calls for it
    - I spend more time fantasizing about plots and characters than actual useful information
    - I usually have no idea what I feel, even when I am feeling something
    - I do not often introspect, but deep down I am more self aware than I pretend to be


    - I feign being obvious to most social customs; I just don’t care to follow them.
    - I do not go out of my way to help other people
    - I can only pick up on the feelings of the people I know well
    - I do not care about social harmony amongst my group, so long as it doesn’t affect me
    - I only try to keep the peace when it concerns myself


    - I am not a deep thinker (cannot spend hours on a single thought)
    - I judge things before seeing other perspectives
    - I consider myself more logical than sentimental
    - I will constantly re-read my words multiple times to make sure they make sense. Sometimes I become so fed up I delete everything and start all over
    - I sometimes forget to think. I may do things without a thought in my head.


    - I do not plan, schedule, graph, etc. (even though I’d like to)
    - I need empirical evidence to truly believe something
    - I prefer following step by step instructions when cooking, putting something together, etc.
    - I care more about if something will work than why something works
    - I usually spot typos/inconsistencies with ease


    - I have a terrible memory
    - I hate convention and tradition
    - I can hold a grudge
    - I use my experiences to judge the world, people, etc.
    - I sometimes think about how things could’ve been different
    - I feel like I don’t fit in with this time period


    - I indulge in food
    - I sometimes do things in the moment without additional processing
    - I can control my temptations if I focus, but usually give in
    - I live moment by moment
    - I don’t drink or smoke
    - I don’t seek thrills; not an adrenaline junkie. Except for roller coasters


    - I feel Ni is too rare to be my dominant function
    - I am attracted to the odd mysterious
    - I love symbolism
    - I love for things to fit together and make sense
    - I love the abstract and surreal
    - I am not very decisive although I’d like to be


    - I cannot see many ways, only a few
    - I am terrible at improvisation
    - I can see patterns, links, etc.
    - I can be random at times
    - I had trouble deciding what I wanted to do with my life, although I knew I wanted to tell stories

    In Elementary school:

    I was an average, curious kid. I remember moments where I was in trouble, because I just didn’t understand many things. My mother told me to be friends with everybody, so I tried to be friendly but I think I came off as weird. I was a bit temperamental, but by the fourth grade I became a goodie-too-shoes; teachers loved me.

    In Middle School:

    I finally started to curse like my peers had been doing for the past two years. I still tried to be a good student while staying out of trouble, and I still tried to fit in.

    In High School:

    It wasn’t until my last year when I started to care less and less. The idea of being friends with everyone is ridiculous and practically impossible.


    I don’t care much about anything. I was lied to about where I would go, how life would be for me, etc. Being a good student and trying to follow the rules/customs did nothing for me in the long run. It was all pointless and now I just don’t care. I prefer being alone although I do often imagine what it would be like to have a best friend and a girlfriend, and how I’ll be in the future. I have high expectations although I can’t find the motivation to work for them.

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    On Cognitive function tests I usually score the highest on Ni (as I do have odd thinking and magical believes, understanding without consciously being able to put them into words, etc.), but on tests that measure dichotomies I am usually INTP.

    I'm either a J with no motivation or a P who feels helpless.

    I'm either a crushed idealist or a late blooming rational.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mal12345 View Post
    You killed the thread.
    How did he/she kill the thread?

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