I need the NF and NT clarified, perhaps you guys can assist me in this process of self-discovery- so I'm either INFP or INTP. I will outline some genuine truths about me and perhaps you can come to your own conclusion...


I have known to be altruistic to a fault, although this to some degree been curbed.


I've majored in politics & policy studies as well as philosophy, in my complete arts/humanities degree. Currently I'm studying a JD.


Rational and logical arguments are intellectually electrifying even if I'm proven wrong sometimes. I don't think I was like this when I was younger (as 10-16 year old) but I've evolved, the same goes for criticisms. I don't care if someone criticizes my core belief system, as long as if, their argument makes sense logically and rationally, then I’ll accept it. If on the contrary their argument seems illogical, I won’t have much patience for them.


I can be blunt and candid in conversation, I don't hold back what I have to say to someone, because everyone deserves the truth but there is an art to "how" honesty is expressed. So I like dishing out honesty and I understand the concept of being 'cruel to be kind', that is, tough love which is pursued through disciplining a child by having a stern/strict verbal dialogue with them.


I'm prone to wastefulness and spending recklessly which may be considered irrational to the INTP- right? I hear INTPs are all about efficiency.


INFPs have known to be credulous or foolish, easily led or deceived this may have been a problem early on in my childhood, when I was considered a 'pushover' especially with a strong/authoritative ESTJ mother- I mean could you also categorize this with INTPs?


I have a plethora of books based on politics, economics, literature, poetry and philosophy, right now I'm studying law. The reason for studying law is because logical arguments that are irrefutable can also be quiet intriguing on a case by case scenario.


During my senior levels in HS I would socialize but on some days I would sit in the library reading a fantasy novel or I would be playing a competitive chess game with my cousin?! - does that sound INFP or INTP to you?

I have done the myers brigg test many times and my introversion, intuition and perceiving functions remain HIGH while my feeling function is " slightly " and not even " moderately " expressed and this seems to cause me of a lot of confusion.


I studied engineering for a couple of years (electrical, mechanical and civil) the sciences and maths was vaguely interesting probably a Ti thing and I really liked theoretical aspects of the sciences (physics/chemistry) as well as the maths BUT when it came to applying it practically (Se) function I lost interest straight away.


I have to admit it philosophy/poetry/literature/history and humanities subjects as well as LAW is probably more satisfying for me than any type of theory in physics or chemistry.


I liked philosophy because at the most fundamental and abstract level intellectual debates about life are rigorously discussed.


My higher education path has been all over the place, I'm great at 'starting' something off but horrible at completing or finishing it. I started off with accounting, changed to various engineering degrees (civil, mechanical & electrical), pursued an arts degree found it very interesting and completed it- Now I'm studying law which again is intriguing too.


I am mystical and spiritual but not religious. I'm fascinated with astrology but I realize why people think it is a farce, there are many logical contradictions, fallacies and discrepancies in its practice. (It should be noted that I only like natal chart astrology not predictive astrology, a type of astrology that analyses the general personality of an individual).


It is a constant struggle, encouraging/motivating people, but the cause of this would be the nature of my environment during my childhood years. If people cry in front of me I find it extremely awkward and uncomfortable to comfort them in some way. If someone is distressed, although I would sympathize with them, I would try and provide a rational solution to their problems.


I have this constant knack of rationalizing my emotions- figuring out ways to detach myself from my own hurts/pains by psycho-analysing myself and others.

I always try and find the 'good' in someone irrespective of how badly they might have treated other people or me- but I realise that there are some people out there who for selfish reasons, only wish for your downfall and for those people I have no patience at all.


I’m placid and tranquil, I keep a lid on my emotions at all times even during stressful periods. I rarely do anything out of spite and I rarely hate people. In essence it takes a LOT to break me down thus it will take a long time for me to hate a person.

I’m a poet, I have a lot of poetry and I love constructing my own poems!


I’m no environmentalist or hippie I wouldn’t chain myself to a tree and I wouldn’t be ‘hurt’ when animals are culled, hunted either because of overpopulation or for human consumption, neither am I particularly concerned about ‘endangered species’. However I do support the arguments for climate change or global warming.

Right now, that’s all I can probably think of, perhaps you guys can kindly count how many INFP /INTP traits there are and then score me 