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    Default What's my type? Type me based on my painting process?

    So I've done hours (years) of research, taken countless quizzes, studied the differences, and even successfully typed friends and members of my family, yet when it comes to typing myself I can't seem to get it quite it right. So my question for you would be how would each of the functions act when setting up a still life and painting it?

    This is how my latest endeavor (painting project) has gone.

    -Got the assignment. Had no clue what I wanted to do.
    -Professor mentioned fabric and water, suddenly I have an idea. I stuck with it.
    -Two weeks later when setting up I foraged through the prop closet and instantly knew what I wanted to do when I saw a large shell, sheer fabric, and marbles.
    -I set it up, but I wasn't happy with it. I went back to my flat and did other homework.
    -Eventually I ask my friends' opinions, but in reality I knew that I wanted to change the backdrop to a different color, I just wanted to make sure it was a good idea.
    -When setting it up, I wanted to create an interplay of solid and light. Adjusting the fabric so that the lamp would shine through illuminating the blue fabric with a magenta hue. I was trying to create another-worldly feeling.
    - I wanted to do this so that I could further explore various techniques of mixing glazing, under-painting, layering with the palette knife, and painting with the brush.
    -I filled a giant clam shell with marbles and black water. It reminded me of the scene from Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in the cave. I also thought that it was somewhat humorous symbol that something so pure and white was filled with this dark lumpy looking water. (Wondered if it was revealing something about me)
    - I scattered iridescent marbles on the fabric, they look like water droplets resting on the surface.
    - I got mad with my set up, it looked too happy like something out of an Oriental Trading magazine
    - I fussed with it a bit more, and then started sketching. (I was just killing time until the professor walked by so I could get her opinion.)
    - I was mesmerized by the rich colors in the white of the clam shell. The vibrant pink reflection on the surface of the black water. The light pink highlights and green shadows on the white of the clam shell (so in reality its not actually white).
    - I start a color study. I'm too lazy to move my board to the vertical position, so I just readjust the tape, resulting in and oddly divided piece of watercolor paper. (But I don't care or notice until my professor asks why I did that)
    - I am very conscious of the people around me when I start painting. And I know when my professor is getting closer to talking to me.
    - When she comes and talks, I let her do most of the talking and only say a few things, then get back to work.
    -Soon enough I clean up, in the same familiar pattern and method that I always do.

    Thats all for now. So, from that what does it seem like my type is?
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