@boomslang - I haven't chosen the INTj, I took the test and got it as a result. I would also like to point out that I do not find myself as being too impulsive, rather the word impatient fits better. My ISTP mom likes to do one thing one moment and then out of the blue start working on something else with no clear way to predict her change in activity. That does not sound like me. I usually obsess with one thing at a time, from multiple angles perhaps, but still my focus is on one goal at a time. Also, I do not speak the same way I write (which makes me wonder about the introversion part) I speak very briefly (probably because I do not want to loose my hard to maintain refinement.) And I despise having to repeat myself more than necessary. If it is a casual conversation, yes I may go overboard with the dialogue, but never if its business, I offer the deal, or the suggestion and wait for an argument from the nemesis, I have been known to avoid confrontation when possible, and other times exert my dominance on the individual giving me a hard time but shooing them away from me when their questions get in the way of my thought process or action steps. I like debate and arguments in the planning phase, but when that's over its always straight to the point for me.