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    Damn! missing out on bonus points... what a world

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    Damn, No bonus points for me....

    Te (Extroverted Thinking) (5%)
    your valuation of / adherence to logic of external systems / hierarchies / methods

    Ti (Introverted Thinking) (60%)
    your valuation of / adherence to your own internally devised logic/rational

    Ne (Extroverted Intuition) (50%)
    your valuation of / tendency towards free association and creating with external stimuli

    Ni (Introverted Intuition) (50%)
    your valuation of / tendency towards internal/original free association and creativity

    Se (Extroverted Sensing) (50%)
    your valuation of / tendency to fully experience the world unfiltered, in the moment

    Si (Introverted Sensing) (40%)
    your valuation of / focus on internal sensations and reliving past moments

    Fe (Extroverted Feeling) (50%)
    your valuation of / adherence to external morals, ethics, traditions, customs, groups

    Fi (Introverted Feeling) (45%)
    your valuation of / adherence to the sanctity of your own feelings / ideals / sentiment

    based on your results your type is likely - unclear

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    So I had several results, on other tests, INFJ INFP, INTP and ISFP... "S" is absolutely out of the question. I read over INTP and I find that MORE LIKELY than INFP....

    SO INTP, has a couple portions I'm nowhere near.. I WILL go out of my way to be more understandable, I always use the most simple language I possibly can so that I may be understood. Also I am very In-Tune with how others are feeling sometimes overwhelmingly so. But I may not know what things to say to comfort someone.. but that could be because I was literally NEVER comforted as a child, young adult etc. and I pushed a lot of the painful feelings inside so that I could carry on. With kids I know what to say quite a bit better... I guess its because with adults, I think do you really need me to give you advice? You have this within you. Because even when I share my feelings or ask someones opinion, I already know where I'm going.. and its I guess just to hear if they possibly come up with a different answer.. I would honestly probably never veer from my own answer... thankfully.. well, I am surrounded my "T" people which can be very logical, which is great.. but they arent outwardly judgmental of my Feeling decisions and I think they know, I would not like those to be judged.. plus there is usually a lot of logic behind my feelings.

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    It may be easier to type you according to your youngling days; By the looks of it you have balanced yourself in the different cognitive areas and it could just be that at a young age your dominant function was more prominent.

    In your case, I wouldn't go about trying to type the present but the past. I reckon you could do that on your own, you seem fully capable.

    Oh, and it might help to clearly state phases in your early life <18 years. Something might rise and stand out.

    ps. if you make use of meditation in any way: Go down to the level/layer/space before you interpret things and look/feel/experience what kind of geometrical shape is taking place as interpretation is executed.
    Open for interpretation.
    Fell for the temptation: Nohari / Johari

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    So, I have done tons of reading exploring each function comparison and just any relevant information.

    I Employ these functions equally

    Introverted Intuition and Extroverted Intuition

    Introverted Feeling and Extroverted Feeling

    However I have a strong preference of:

    Introverted Thinking

    Extroverted Sensing

    So maybe this Intuition/feeling combination would explain my lack of environmental organization... and the IDEALS I have with a more peaceful aspect, that is people and harmony focused is the result..... and you would probably know by my strong demeanor and confidence.. INFJ almost the only option. But I do present as flexible because of rearing. So Im basically back at my original position. But I did want to take a closer examination.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oneandonly View Post

    I probably know my own answer. But I like to hear input. I'm a variable person..

    Having an Aspergers/Manic father and an Aspergers/sister..
    My father/mother would said things, that I just KNEW were not nice, and were wrong because they hurt people.
    On the other side of it... my parents DID NICE THINGS for people in need.
    My sister learned by what they said, because Aspergers/Autistic learn from direction, not necessarily by looking at someone's complicated interactions and weaving moral fiber.

    My intuition is HIGH because I have always done that, or at least I think that is why. Introspective. In my own world.
    I never understood how much people lie, because I just saw no reasoning for lying. I had to learn to lie, way later in life. Weird.
    This could be attributed to my father/sisters inability to lie. Lying doesnt make sense to a person with Aspergers.
    That is something I definitely picked up.

    I follow my own moral code, because I believe that it is right for me, and will do the best in the world with others. I wouldn't impose my morals on others because everyone is entitled to their own philosophy.

    I've written a book about the philosophy of Love, loving yourself, and never truly needing an affirmation from outside yourself. because you are love.
    Theory, concept book. I'm writing one about happiness now.

    I don't do well with "loving someone NOW" I really believe in "forever"... although there are varying degrees to love and connection.. Even if I wasnt terribly in love with someone I still do love them, even if we arent together.

    But I guess I have the propensity of always finding something to love within someone.... heres a start..

    You vibe overall as INFJ to me, there definitely seems to be a time process involved here somehow. An evolving of sorts, a flowering. Anyway, you seem absolutely lovely.

    Edit: I'm imagining if you look through your avatar you see mine.
    "We knew he was someone who had a tragic flaw, that's where his greatness came from"

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