These tumblrs belong to two of my good friends, and I wanted to conduct a little experiment! I am fairly confident in both of their typings since I know them personally, but when people on here are like "Oh woah man that sentence is soo -insert cognitive function/typing here-" I am baffled. I'd like you guys to give your best shot at typing them based only on their tumblr, and point out main key features of their writing which point to that typing.

The first is a tumblr mostly about her experiences traveling, and serves as a way to share information with her family and is less personal than the second so keep that in mind.

This one is definitely a more personal blog, which I believe will make it the easier one to type since there is less of a filter. Scrolling down a ways has blocks of texts posts she has written as opposed to pictures. She also has struggled with an eating disorder for quite some time which is what some of the text posts are about. Please don't use just that as a basis for your typing!
Don't let go

Good luck (;