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    Default Hi! Generally struggling and confused...

    It started with MBTI types but I'd like to expand and learn about more too - but I suppose the best way to explain my predicament is that I was told that I seem differently by a couple of different people (one my mother, one a close friend and one an acquaintance spring to mine for their diversity). I can also clock into and manipulate the results of internet based "tests" and whilst I'm really interested in the theory I'm now finding it very difficult to pick out my own behaviours/habits and I no longer know how to approach myself objectively and clearly to begin dissecting them.

    So what I'm looking for is any guidance or assistance. I feel like I'd perhaps be better of starting from scratch and rebuilding this picture. Notably I seem to have a fairly reasonable (by no means expert, but a grasp) idea with others but with myself I'm just at a loss and I feel as if the stereotypes I find with every google search or the few books I've found just makes things worse, in my opinion it seems to simply restrict each type down further and further and causes me several headaches.

    I hope I haven't waffled, I spent a while trying to pick out the right way to explain this. I'm willing to answer any questions and expand further if I've said something that sparks critique.

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    I will just go ahead with the first bet: INFP.

    May this first reply bring your thread more traffic.

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    Ah, thank you for taking the time out to read this in the first place. I really appreciate it!

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