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    Quote Originally Posted by digesthisickness View Post
    the following is what i found. perhaps you'll have the same reaction i did, and it'll clear things up. the good news is that if neither of these types fit, then the links will take you to the others too, so this still might help.
    Thanks for those. I relate well to both Extraverted and Introverted Intuition, and mildly with Extraverted and Introverted Sensation...

    Quote Originally Posted by The_Liquid_Laser View Post
    Maverick based on the posts I've seen on this site, I'd say you are ENTJ. For example, I seem to remember a post you made quite a while ago about being frustrated at work (sorry can't remember more details than that). Anyway the way you described your work sounded just like how an ENTJ would describe it. There is my $.02.
    Thanks for your opinion.

    Quote Originally Posted by proteanmix View Post
    That the bolded part is definitely extroverted judgment and a very EJ way to define reality. Once you gather people's opinions what do you do with it?
    Thanks for your questions, I'll answer them:

    Do you take an active interest in the lives of other people that isn't confined to those in your inner circle? Yes, though to be honest I often do it more out of politeness than strong interest.
    Even though you're comfortable with your emotions, do you feel comfortable expressing emotion to others (negatively or positively) or with people being emotional with you? Yes, I'd like to think I feel at ease in expressing my emotions, though some people have told me I do not show them often. I'm quite comfortable with other people showing emotion and actually like emotional people (especially if it's positive).
    Is it a big deal to compliment someone or should they just know ? It's not a big deal, but it's true I need to consciously make the compliment. Often I notice something positive and keep it to myself, because it sometimes comes out as akward when I make a compliment and people don't seem convinced.
    Do you like making idle conversation? Well, I can happily chat up with people. But I'll try to get onto more "big talk". I'm not very good at making small talk... Apparently people notice immediately I'm not interested.
    Is one of your primary concerns how to connect to people and how to connect people with each other? I'm akward in the sense where I like to connect with people, but I like to do so to have a proper discussion with them. So sometimes people haven't got the time, energy or desire to do so and it seems more like a disconnect than anything I don't think about connecting people with each other, though.
    Do you feel responsible for other people and their emotional state? It depends, I like to try to help people out if they have a problem, and I do try to make people feel better about themselves, although I'm not sure if that always works during a "friendly" discussion lol
    Do you fly into a blind rage whenever someone contradicts you? Hehe, no I don't. I usually discuss their opinion and ask them reasons for thinking what they think

    There's a woman at my job who I strongly suspect is an ENTJ. She's not like the horrible ENTJ prick stereotypes running around. I love it when she's in our meeting because shit happens and she keeps us on track and moving forward. I've had lunch with her a couple times and she's brought her son into work. I just see her Te as being efficiency focused, not overbearing and dictatorial.
    That's more like me, or how I would like to think that I am.

    I didn't like receiving the ENTJ profile when I did the test. I don't know it just seems like someone everyone would just hate. I thought, "why can't I be one of those cool and social types, like an ESFP? Why did I have to end up as the pain in the ass?"

    If you're questioning your type because you no longer think Te is your dominant, I'd just do a process of elimination. If you're certain that you're an ENJ or ETJ then start whittling down your true type from there.
    As you say, there is an overlap between Fe and Te... Sometimes I act Fe because it seems like the "right" thing to do. For me, there's a polite and a non polite way of interacting with people, and being respectful is important.

    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainChick View Post
    Make that another vote for ENTJ.

    Quote Originally Posted by heart View Post
    I say Maverick is ENTJ who has a good Fi development. He seems Fi in feeling to me and definately appears to be more of a Thinker than feeler and definately Te over Ti. jmo.

    I also think if he were introverted, he would post here more often. He seems truly interested in the topics and the people so I assume his low post count is due to being more engrossed in his real offline life.
    Thanks, I can relate much to Fi too. For example, if I believe strongly in the value of something, I will try to have integrity and will hold it even if others do not.

    I think that this might be difference with Fe? Because, correct me if I'm wrong (proteanmix...), but doesn't an Fe type adapt depending on the values of the context, while Fi type comes in with personal values in a specific context?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maverick View Post
    I didn't like receiving the ENTJ profile when I did the test. I don't know it just seems like someone everyone would just hate. I thought, "why can't I be one of those cool and social types, like an ESFP? Why did I have to end up as the pain in the ass?"
    Heh heh heh!

    I like ESFPs as friends, but I wouldn't want to be one, nor would I EVER want to date one. They're too ADD and their messy thought patterns would probably annoy an ENTJ due to their twisted rationale.

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