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    Quote Originally Posted by underwaterthing View Post
    How much have you read about the extraverted judging functions (Fe and Te)? To be honest, you really don't seem like a Te-dom from what I've seen. I'm not saying it's impossible, but your demeanor is so strikingly different from those of the self-typed ExTJs I've interacted with that it strikes me as pretty unlikely that you are one. Usually I try to stick more to function theory than "vibes" and surface personality traits, but I'm going to make an exception in your seem extremely warm and effusive, even more so than lots of ExFx's I've known and far more than most ESTJs who, as inferior Fi-users, have a much more contained quality. In my experience, even very kind ESTJs can seem a little cold and generally "all business" at first; it can take a while to notice their subtly expressed warmth and good will.

    As far as the ESxJ descriptions you posted, in my opinion much of the highlighted parts of the ESTJ one could apply to both ESxJ types, while the ESFJ description focuses too much on the Two-ish aspects of the type, to the point where ESFJ Threes and Ones might not recognize themselves in it very much.
    I think I only seem like that online... Must be because I'm a female teenager, perhaps. It's like on the outside I seem like a Fe dom sometimes, and on the inside I'm a total Te dom. I've actually read a lot about the functions. I don't know, being a Fe dom seems so off to me, because or that warm to people in general. Not trusting at all and definitely thick skinned. Though I am the mother hen of my friends group.

    Also, now when I think about it (after a discussion I had with a friend) if I am confronted by a friend who has an opinion which conflicts with my belief I argue until I get my point crossed, haha.

    EDIT: I've seen a thread somewhere "you know you're a feeler when..." And I identifie with it a lot. Now I'm confused.
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