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    Quote Originally Posted by yeghor View Post
    Could you do this test and paste the complete results please?

    Free Enneagram Personality Test
    Public Service Announcement: This is part of yehgor's "certain enneagram types only go with certain MBTI types, so I can use one to determine the other" approach. While correlations exist between MBTI types and enneagram types, most (including professional enneagram experts) believe that MBTI type and enneagram type are two different things, and therefore (both in theory and practice) multiple enneagram types may go with any given MBTI type.

    EDIT: On a more on-topic note, if MBTI preferences are like Big Five preferences, then strength of preference may be distributed in a bell curve. Therefore, many folks might have one (or more) middling preferences. This would be different that the standard MBTI approach that states that preferences are dichotomous, but might be one reason why people have a hard time typing themselves.

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    defintly wtf

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