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    Default Help type my partner :)

    Hi guys, I'm new here. Interested in types you guys would suggest for my partner - he's not terribly interested in this type of thing so has not yet managed to type himself. Whereas being an INFP I'm fascinated by this type of thing, of course. :p

    Prominent personality characteristics:

    * Has lots of acquaintances but only a few real friends
    * Doesn't like crowds or parties and is happy with his own company
    * Tends to try to do what is "logical" and "makes sense"
    * Very organized
    * Likes to do things his own way - hates having a boss, and really hates being micromanaged by anybody
    * Speaks his mind if something is upsetting him
    * Awesome at practical things - e.g. has designed and built an entire house before
    * Generous to a fault
    * His word is his bond - if he says he will do something, he will always do it
    * Believes strongly that other people should also do what they have agreed to do, and feels very betrayed if they do not
    * His love language is definitely acts of service and possibly touch/gifts - romantic words and romantic gestures are pretty difficult for him

    I've always thought he was possibly an ISTJ, but some of his traits don't fit the descriptions I've read.

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    maybe you're right he's ISTJ because you said he's awesome at practical things but he can be INTJ too because you said he likes to do his own way. I'm not sure the S or N thing, but the rest (ITJ) I'm pretty sure
    edit : oh, and welcome to this forum I'm also new here. I just registered a few hours ago

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