My apologies in advance for making another type thread - it's just I've been trying to type my friend and I'm having a lot of difficulties. To make matters more confusing, he tends to have a public persona that I could easily figure out, but you can easily tell it's not genuinely him when he does so.

He exhibits both introversion and extroversion traits, and in the public, he acts like a sensor, but in person I could tell he isn't one, at least, not an extreme sensor; he shows T traits, but is also considerably less T than all the Ts I know in life, and I daresay he's less T than me, and I'm a girl. The only thing I know for sure is that he's a Judging type, because of his interaction style. However, I'm just plain confused! I've never found someone so difficult to type; I'm trying to type him as an exercise, which is not going too well. I was hoping you guys at TypologyCentral could help me out, seeing you've helped me identify myself as an INTJ.

He tested as an ISTJ with barely 1% difference in T/F, and 5% in S/N, but it was done impromptu with one of the less reliable online questionnaires.

Signs of introversion/extroversion:
- After working full-time, he doesn't arrange parties or meets his friends; he hurries home and collapses asleep. (I) I've known extroverts like my sister who would, after work, hang outside, drink, instead of going home. He occasionally heads to the pub, but only either by himself for a quick drink or with one or two of his buddies. (I) However, he would hang out with large social groups and be comfortable doing that (E).
- After finishing a term paper late into the night, he rushed to an empty study room like his life depended on it instead of joining me to grab coffee like we normally do and socialize. He had more sleep than me, but he was visibly more drained energy wise; I held up my sleep-deprivation better than he did. (I) When I joined him after, he slowly gained back his energy. He still avoided other people for the remainder of the day, while I kept up the conversations out of etiquette.
- He is vocal in lectures, and would respond to professors regardless of how many people were in the room. (E) Outside of lectures, he doesn't show discomfort striking up conversations with strangers, and is more at ease in crowded environments (malls, for example) than me. (E)
- When we chose to hang out together, his ideal "hanging out" was either at his place or mine, the two of us, watching a movie and drinking a bit of beer instead of going outside, shopping, or hanging out with our friend groups (I).

Signs of sensing/intuition:
- He exhibits similar ISTJ traits to my female ISTJ friend; they're hard workers, and both are workaholics. (S)
- While I stand out (not a good thing) in social environments, because I'm out of tune with the rest of the group (N), he blends in where I would stand out (S).
- He gets along better with detail-orientated people, and can talk their language (S)
- He is a writer, and he writes very metaphorically, and his prose is filled with symbolism and references (N)
- He plans long-term, and while they are solid plans, he doesn't care about the logistics: how he would land his dream career. He doesn't seem worried about that either, compared to my ISTJ girl friend who has every. detail. of. her. degree/career planned out (N)
- We took a psychological test at the same time once. When I told him "those squares seem wrong to me, like they're dangerous. There's a wrong vibe about them." he told me "he doesn't get how squares could seem dangerous" (S).
- He told me once that "It's great to find another person (me) who can see the big picture" when we were observers on a drama-filled anon FB confession thread. (N) He described his involvement to that drama as "an observer walking past museum displays".
- The papers he writes for classes start with a conclusion, and he works his way backwards to prove his point (N) instead of starting from individual research pieces and ending at a conclusion. (S)
- He has better road sense than me (S), but he claims he does better recalling actual locations (like malls, or if A is beside B, and so on) more than numbers (street ABC, by AA avenue). (N)

Signs of feeling/thinking:
- He pisses off people less often than I do, without trying (F instead of T). I always have to watch what I say because I can end up being very blunt, fast. He is more eloquent than I am (F)
- He has strong opinions about popular debate topics, and can keep his stance when we engage in debates (T)
- He doesn't get emotionally engaged in movies, stories, or anything else (T) but he is more prone to doing so than me (F).
- He is easily influenced by external situations, like family losses, bad news, anything. (F) Instead of internalizing the hurt (T), he says he "lets it all out to feel better after".
- He ends up counselling his friends, and has gone out of his way to make sure his friends secure job interviews (F)
- However, he's still a very logical person!! I've never met someone this logical or open-minded before. What gives?

(I'm omitting signs of J/P because I have no doubts he is a judging type).

Thanks for your help in advance!