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    Quote Originally Posted by intpinfp View Post
    I feel deeply but I can logically "dissect" those feelings. For example I've been depressed for a very long time but my sadness is not irrational, I know what makes me feel this way and I know what would stop it.
    INFPs would feel deeply, can even logically dissect their feelings a lot of times too, we know what makes us feel the way we do, and we know what would stop it. BUTTTT we don't lol. Different from INTP, INFP feel and understand everything inside of them, just so that they would doubt everything all over again. Pinpointing why, what, when, where, who and how with us is impossible. Yup, our agony.

    I don't like to gossip or small talk or talk about trivial things unless it can give me some vital information that I need.
    This simply confirms that you are a positive Introvert.

    Even though I may care a lot about people I have a very hard time showing it.
    Tell us INFPs about it!

    I despise the read-memorize-retell sort of education that is promoted in most educational systems. I strongly believe that education should have an individualistic approach and not resemble a factory line.
    The lack of personal interpretation, imagination, creativeness and freedom in knowledge is what most xNxP absolutely despise.

    I understand motives beyond most actions (or situations) but I don't understand people enough.
    If you have trouble pinpointing your own identity, your needs, wants, your next action, decisions, your worth, values, etc. but can see people through like X-ray scanning, you're an INFP. If it's the other way around, where you can pretty much map yourself out and know where you stand, but have issue gathering and processing data of others, you're pretty much skewing towards INTP.

    Being a T does not mean you are incapable of strong feelings and sadness. Being a F does not guarantee the person is "deep" or empathetic.
    If you find yourself often act upon impulse, feel so overwhelmed by sadness that it's hard to live/move on over things/people, ignore "what's rational" when it comes to getting an immediate vice, then you could very much be an INFP. However, from what you wrote, you seem like an INTP with borderline T-F to me.

    Quote Originally Posted by Eluded_One View Post
    If you say you don't understand people enough, you're probably INTP. All the INFP'S I know understand people rather too well. Emotional depth has very little to do with type. You can love deeply and can still be a "T" type. I think it's one of those stereotypes that is most commonly misconstrued in MBTI.
    Can't agree more!

    Let's take into account that lots of INFP can appear as Thinkers to people they're not close to.
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