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    Default can anyone help me decide here?

    Hi guys, i'm new here but i've been reading about typology for almost a year. I hope you could help me here to finally decide over my type.

    1. Is there anything that may affect the way you answer the questions? For example, a stressful time, mental illness, medications, special life circumstances? Other useful information includes sex, age, and current state of mind.
    No, anyway i'm a really moody person so it's hard to say.

    3. Please describe yourself as a person if you were to introduce yourself to someone else like in a cover letter. What kind of person are you and why?

    I'm a nice person that could be seen as individualistic, i have problems when meeting people, i want to know them well before being closer, i usually use another kind of me, like some mask and i see how they react to what i say, this way i know if we could get along well just after this i start being myself. When i'm myself i'm a funny guy, i don't talk that much, i prefer to listen people, sometimes i do have my moments of expressing myself, here i talk for hours about how i feel. I forget about everything, i'm really bad with scheludes, it's almost like i have a sense that i'll have alzheimer when i get old. Sometimes people seem to dislike some of my jokes cuz i usually say weird ankward things that make me smile and people just look at me like i was some kind of alien. But also i have a really critic side that i don't like that much, when i met people i start judging them for no apparent reason, just for a feeling they transmit to me, sometimes i'm wrong sometimes i'm not. I have always been the black sheep on my family, i was bad at studies, now i kinda found my way, my family was very traditional and this has caused me so much problems with them cuz i always did things my way. I wouldn't say i care so much of people but now as time has passed (i'm 24) i have become more worried about others specially family than when i was younger. For my hobbies i love music, i love composing it, i love reading, i love being with my gf and watching some anime, i really enjoy little things in life and i also enjoy to find some time and travel around the world.

    4. What kind of person would you LIKE to be? Why? What kind of person would you NOT want to be? Why?

    I would love to be more interested in studies, i wish i would have had someone who really guided me when i was lost in my school years and find some passion for what i was going to be in the future, i wish i was more intelligent to get shit done, i wish i wasn't an INFP but i seem to be that shitty type. I wish i was some kind of samurai or ninja, undistructable, agile, brave, i'm certanly anything like that. I wish i was like Walter White in his healthy form. I wish i could make smart arguments about things and people appreciate me for that, i wish i could have a more easy time when comunicating with people. I like how i am but at the same time i wish i had a bit of all of this.

    5. Do you think there are any differences to how you described yourself and how people actually perceive you? How do you think others would describe you? If there are any discrepancies between these two that are you are aware of; do you know why exactly that is?

    I see myself more worried about things than what it may appear to people, they always say i never show myself as a nervous person, they say i procrastinate a lot, my gf says i'm kinda bossy with some things.

    7. How do you react to new situations in your life? Can you describe an event in your life where you were in an unknown situation? How did you deal with it?

    I've lived in many places, i've met so much people, yet i have 3 friends, i wish i would have had a more steady life yet at the same time i like it cause i have learned about how people act over the world, i've became stronger about life and i think i have an open minded vision of it.
    When i first moved out of my country it was really difficult, i suffer deeply for over 2 years, i was recluded in my room playing my guitar and playing zelda, almost like an hikokkimori, but i've learnt from that too. Everything has it's possitive sides.

    8. Please describe yourself when you are in a stressful situation. How do you act and why? Real life experiences are welcome.

    I almost never lost control over myself, i don't think i usually go nuts, normally if i'm really stressed i get nervous and i start walking all around and trying to find people who i can talk to, if i crossed the line of sanity i may suddenly blame someone for how "injustice" they are being and how incompetent i seem to remember things that happened before and relate them to this present stage and seem to see them as well projecting into the future, this happens everytime i have an argument with my gf: " you did this before, your doind this again and you'll probably do this again". I might yell but that's really rare in me.

    9. Please describe yourself when you are in an enjoyable situation. How do you act and why? Real life experiences are welcome.

    I'm there happy not talking that much or maybe just there enjoying listening and being happy haha. I don't know. I maybe become more joker about everything, i'm such a joker i must say, even if people get ankward reactions from them.

    10. Describe your relationship to socialization. How do you perceive one-on-one interaction? How do you perceive group interaction?

    Hard time, i described it at the first question. I prefer interaction with few people. I don't really like groups, i mean i'm fine there but i don't usually talk too much. Being close to some people let you open yourself and share almost everything, there i enjoy socializing, but this happens just when i've been with that people for a long time.

    11. Describe your relationship to society. What are the elements of it you hold important or unimportant (e.g. social norms, values, customs, traditions)? How do you see people as a whole?

    I understand there has to be some authority but i have to say that i'm kinda a rebell, don't dare to picture me as some sex pistol guy or something i just can't handle rigid people, i have bad experiences with bosses on work, i'm a person that definitely works bad under pressure, i like to do things my way.

    12. Describe your relationship to authority. How do you perceive authority? What does it mean to you, and how do you deal with it?

    Like i said before i was a little rebell back then when i was younger, i used to skip classes, answer back to professors and be all time on my own, i was in classes but i didn't care. As an adult i've come to understand that some things have to be some way even if they could be better if made in some other way.

    13. Describe your relationship to order and chaos. What do order and chaos mean to you? How do they manifest in your daily life?

    I'm chaotic, i forget everything, i can't have anything in order, i forget about life, i have clothes spread all over the place i wish i wasn't so much like this, after 5 days of disaster i say i can't handle this anymore i have to put everything where it should fuking be, and i order everything but i'm definitely not an organized person.

    14. What is it that you fear in life? Why? How does this fear manifest to you both in how you think and how you act?

    I fear the future economically, and i fear loneliness.

    15. What is it that you desire in life? What do you strive to achieve? Why? Where do you think these drives and desires stem from or are inspired by?

    I wish i could have a nice life, not too much just enough to feel happy, and that means to have someone who i can share things, to have my little guitar, to find time to travel over the world, to have a steady work and overall to have secure lifestyle. In this sense i guess i'm pretty traditionalist. I wish i get more wisdom, i wish i could be some kind of buddist monk or amazing fictional writter like Lovecraft. I wish my music could spread all over the world and get some recognition.

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    I too, dislike the INFP label. I believe you are ISFP though. Your speech is rather simple and I think you'd be a little neater than you described if you were an Si user but idek I guess there are a fair number of messy Si users but I've just always associated the function with outward orderliness.

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    Yup that was my second option, the problem there is Se, i'm not sure if i prefer Se over Si. Also i can elaborate more complex speech but sadly i don't master english yet, thanks for your thoughts.
    Anyone else?

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    ISFP enneagram 468

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