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    Default What type do you think that I am?

    I do know that I am an introvert, and I think that I am a feeling type. I seem to have 50/50 perceiving and judging traits. Usually, I stick to common sense, but there are times when I just wing it and go with my gut. I usually get ISFJ or ISFP, but sometimes I get INFJ or INFP
    Here are my traits:
    -Shy and awkward
    -Sees opportune possibilities, but afraid to pursue them.
    -Hates branching out into new territory
    -Scared of life changes
    -Resists change, unless I have absolutely no choice
    -Kind and sweet
    -Good moral judgment
    -Insight to others social problems, even though I usually stay quiet
    -Bad at drawing, painting, pottery, or any visual arts
    -Horrible with maps and directions
    -Talented at singing, but hold myself back at school.
    -Excels in reading, writing, and spelling
    -Wants to know the definition of unknown words
    -Does poorly in math and sciences
    -Afraid of rejection
    -Resists peer-pressure
    -Likes to know "why?," curious
    -Likes details
    -Doesn't hate repetition, unless it's uninspiring to me
    -Gets lazy if not inspired and interested or motivated to do well, or change
    -Usually sticks to morals and principles
    -Will work hard to do well if I feel inspired or interested to do well.
    -Passionate about beliefs when they are threatened
    -Wish I could change past decisions
    -Hate public speaking
    -Very self-conscious
    -Unconsciously speak too softly when nervous
    -Only have one or two close friends
    -Occasionally careless, but I always feel terribly remorseful about it afterwards
    -Kind of a loner
    -Needs time to be alone
    -Want successful future
    -Wants a perfectly, deep compatible romantic relationship
    -Wants deep friendships (If possible)
    -Can't stand gossip, even though I'll guiltily engage in it at times
    -Silently withdraw from conflict, but then reach a breaking point and blow up at person who I am angry or frustrated with
    -Doesn't take many life-threatening risks
    -Wants to inspire others, but afraid to do so.

    So what do you think my type is?
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    Description sounds like INFJ.

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    Yeah INFP fo sho

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