Hello all who read this! I am aware that personality type possibly continues to develop as people grow older but knowing my type has been bugging me for a long time. So I have decided to make a video which hopefully portrays myself and how I act naturally (kind of) as well as fill in a questionnaire which I have found. I have become interested in Socionics recently as I feel that the descriptions of the cognitive functions contain more detail. Thanks for reading in advance, any opinions on what type I am will be appreciated. I don't really talk about much in the video.


About myself:
1.Your age: 18
2.Your gender: Male
3.Your education: Secondary School
4.Your occupation: Wannabe Musician

1.What psychological distance do you prefer to keep with others? What does this distance depend on? How do you choose the distance with a particular person?
-For the large majority of the time I like to keep a big distance between me and others. When interacting with others my main purpose is to have fun or learn things about the other person if I find them interesting. By distance, I am referring to not openly discussing how I feel (which isn't often very clear) or openly discussing my personal life. I'd much rather listen to someone else as they might be interesting. However if I feel like I can relate to someone else then I will disclose some information of my own experiences which they might find useful, but this will only happen for people which I have known for a long time as a friend, otherwise I mainly just want to have as much fun as possible with a group of people without really caring about all the other stuff.

2.How would you organize an efficient work flow (give an example if you want)? How do you measure efficiency?
-I have to work myself into a specific mindset, by organising and structuring my external world. The room needs to be orderly and I need to be self-disciplined in order to get myself into a place where I can work efficiently. I measure efficiency by how many hours, or how much work I have completed in a day. For example I moved my bed and desk around in my room to create a better atmosphere for working and it impacted my productivity.

3.You need to organize people to do a particular task. What would your leadership style be?
-Recognising what people's strengths are and then giving them different parts of the task to focus on which suits them. Encouraging people in an overly enthusiastic fashion.

4.How do you choose your clothes? What are the important qualities of clothes that you're are looking for?
-My favourite clothes are bright and colourful! I love wearing anything bold, patterns and colours. If this isn't an option depending on the social situation then I like my clothes to be well fitted and sharp. Dressing for comfort for too long makes me feel sluggish and ergh.

5.What does “daydreaming” mean to you? What do you dream about?
-I sometimes fantasise about the future about potential events that might happen for example, playing out in my head how a gig might go, or how to interact with a certain person. However sometimes my daydreams can be quite egotistical as I imagine all the ways I could improve upon myself. I sometimes have problems with my own sense of self, I try to find other fictional characters or people which are similar to me so I can relate to them, but I'm never really sure of how I actually act. Some of my daydreams are focussed on how I could be more like someone else.

6.How do you look for solutions for a particular problem(give an example if you want)?
-I run through in my head all of the things that might be wrong with the object and then proceed to check all of these things. For example, is it plugged in? Is this part working? Batteries? Is it a problem with the switch? Then once I find out what's wrong with it I see how I can fix it. Or if it is a problem which is to do with people, I run through all of the possibilities of why the problem was caused and how to fix it.

7.You are sitting in a cafe with your friend. Her\his phone rings and he\she answers the call and once the call is finished starts crying unable to explain what is going on. What would you do?
-Do my best to attempt to comfort them, but ultimately still asking questions to work out what has happened and trying to work out in my head what it could be.