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    Default Vivisect Vasilisa: My head, heart, and gut

    I am interested in your thoughts and feedback about my enneagram type (well, even mbti and socionics would be welcome), but specifically tritype (for those that believe in it), but feedback on all facets is welcome. I am less active in the forefront of the forum than I used to be, but I am very active on ventrilo, so some of you may know better from that venue. Despite my reservations I want to open up in this thread, but I confess it is hard for me to do without feeling like an attention whore. Recently I unearthed some personal posts I made, which may shed some light on my inner workings, and they are available in links here. I have two blogs, image world and forms. I recorded a type me video in which I awkwardly attempted to answer some questions about myself, it is posted here. If you believe in facial recognition of instinctual variants (or socionics, whatever else), there is a picture of my face for reference here.

    I've taken plenty of enneagram quizzes and tests, some several times. I know this is a lot of data, but I offer it up to you, in case you put any stock into such things.
    Comprehensive Enneagram Quiz | Similar Minds Jung + Enneagram Test | Enneagram test | New Enneagram Test - helloquizzy | The Quick & Painless ENNEAGRAM Test | Enneagram test with Instinctual Variant | Fun Enneagram Test | Various Enneagram Tests | Eclectic Energies Test | Free Likert RHETI enneagram test | Blog Enneagram Test | 459 Tritype question

    Possibly (probably?) this is only something I can deduce. But if you have impressions or inquiries I would love to hear from you. I appreciate your time and attention. Thank you.
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    heart type: 4w5 seems like the obvious choice, but 4w3 is on the table.
    gut type: 1w2 seems most likely followed by 1w9. we can eliminate 8 and 9 fixes quite easily i think.
    head type: still in question. a 7 fix doesn't fit, but a 6w7 might, though 6w5 seems more likely.

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    heart: 4w3
    head: 5w?
    gut: 9w1
    instinctual variant: So/Sx or Sx/Sp
    core: 9w1
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    5w4>1w9>2w1 Sx/Sp
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    4w5 sx/sp



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    I don't know you that well, but the pictures I've seen of you have a very INFJ feel to them (steady gaze, but soft, not hard like an INTJ's "death glare"). [PS, the ones with you and the tiger cubs are more revealing of your type than the one you linked, though your link echoes what I see in the tiger cub pics.] Also, they so very much remind me of my INFJ mom, I don't doubt INFJ for a second. And just to be clear, by "INFJ" I mean Ni (strong Ni!) with an Fe focus on the world, not an arbitrary "you seem to fit the INFJ descriptions I've read on the net" way.

    As for your enneagram type, the basis of typing in enneagram is usually not revealed by typical online interaction. It's based on a reflex, a reaction, and that reaction is usually OK (as it is frequent and thus one has much practice), but the reveal is that you'll react THAT WAY even when it's clearly stupid (even to you) to do so. You appear to be thinking in terms of the 459 tritype, and I've no reason to doubt that. If so, you are clearly not a 5. I see no tendency to go into critical complex detail, no tendency to prove your mastery of a subject. If you have 5 in your tritype, it's mostly because you're a brainy type, not because you are a 5. Therefore you are likely either a 4 or a 9. At that point, it's just a matter of determining whether you value your piece of mind more than your self-identity. That can be a tough call, as the vibe is very similar, both very introspective, both tending towards finding a path to wisdom and self-knowledge. I can only say that you should review the nine Riso-Hudson integration/disintegration levels for both 4 and 9, and see which one applies to you at the your most disintegrated. That's how I figured out I was a 9, which was kind of a difficult process overall as 9s tend to find bits of themselves in all the enneagram types. I disintegrate like a 9 does, therefore that is my type.

    That said, you don't seem as volatile as the typical 4, which would imply that your type is 9. I don't have enough information, however, to say this definitively.
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    I spent a little bit of time reading some of your links, and also looking at your video again. I know that a long while ago I had wondered about your heart type, unsure on 4 and wondering about 2. However, after looking at some of your links, I am going to go with 4 - though, I don't think I have a good enough knowledge of you to tell between w3 or w5. I think that the so-dom is very notable, which may have given me the 2 question-mark in the past.

    For gut type, I think that you are likely 1, over 9. I think 1w2 (I think you have a more dominant 'inner critic', maybe more deliberating, more desiring to help and guide?, hence 1, vs 9, which is a different flavor)

    I think you're probably a 6 for head type; likely 6w5.

    Core = 4 imo
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    4 as the core is my impression. I don't know a whole lot about tritypes- but I'd guess either 5 or 6 (leaning towards 5) and 9 or 1 (could go either way).

    Not especially helpful, I know, but that's my vote.
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    Hi, thanks for tagging me. I haven't gotten into tri-typing yet, but I do believe you are INFJ, probably a 9.
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    Off the top of my head, I'm torn between 459 (The Contemplative) and 469 (The Seeker). I don't think you're 1-fixed just because of your self-criticality. The 4 is plenty capable of self criticism and a drive towards perfection.

    Also, you're often withdrawn and personally disengaged, which would seem more common for 49x than 14x.

    I'm leaning 5 > 6 for you re: head fix, primarily because of your tendency to collect information and leverage it to your benefit.

    I'll watch your video and read your blogs more thoroughly later and come back to this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by senza tema View Post
    Off the top of my head, I'm torn between 459 (The Contemplative) and 469 (The Seeker). I don't think you're 1-fixed just because of your self-criticality. The 4 is plenty capable of self criticism and a drive towards perfection.

    Also, you're often withdrawn and personally disengaged, which would seem more common for 49x than 14x.
    I remember awhile back when she asked about her tritype my knee jerk reaction was 469. So I'll guesstimate and say 4w5-6w5-9w1.

    I'm pretty confident about so/sx.
    1w2-6w5-3w2 so/sp

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